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How Can I Hedge My Bets on Super Bowl 50 Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos?

We have been receiving a lot of interest in Jon Prices Super Bowl Proposition Bets. So much that clients are asking for other ways in which they can hedge their bets on the big game. Here is some helpful information about hedging on single games and a scenario in which you can work a unique hedge that Mr. Price does educate and teach specific high level clients on doing.

The rule of thumb is that the only proper times to hedge a bet is in a futures bet when you’re nearing the end and no longer like your pick, have a big winning opportunity but want to hedge against a loss towards the end of the season or final game(s), or in a parlay that you’ve won the early games on and want to hedge the final game, in a game where the line has changed substantially, or if you no longer like a bet and essentially want to cancel it. In this scenario you gave Betting the Carolina Panthers moneyline in Super Bowl 50 at $500, and $500 on Broncos +3. You win both bets if the Panthers win by 1 or 2 points, otherwise you split them and your bets cancel out and you lose juice or vigorish as it is called. These Odds are stacked against you you’ll split and lose juice. That’s considered middling not so much hedging your bets. Hedging is usually used when there’s multiples games involved, where you pick one team at the beginning of the series, then no longer like that pick or want to try and ensure a cashing of a ticket no matter the final outcome, so you pick against that team in game 7 or a similar scenario.

The one other example of hedging opportunities in the Super Bowl can be for this single game bet. In this case you will be wagering at halftime. Say you pick the Denver Broncos to win the 2016 Super Bowl +3 points for the game. At halftime it’s tied and the halftime line is 0, so you pick Panthers second half, so if Panthers win by 1 or 2, you win both bets, otherwise you’ll split your bets and lose the juice. Another intricate way of hedging and it is all dependent on the current lines and juice from the sportsbook is the following:
Bet Number 1 at Sportsbook With Panthers Favorable Line:
Wager on Carolina Panthers -4.5 Points
6 Units
Bet Number 2 at Sportsbook with Broncos Favorable Line:
Wager on Denver Broncos +6 points + Total
3 Units
Bet Number 3:
Parlay Bet Panthers Moneyline + Total
1 Unit
In this scenario you could have done this by wagering as soon as the lines came out and as they adjusted you could hedge. In the rare scenario that you win both bets 1 and 2 it’s an excellent cash otherwise you can win if both the panthers cover the spread and the total that you parlayed in bet number 3. Depending on the vigorish and your wagering abilities you can hedge in a more complex way looking for the best betting odds for the super bowl and using a the best sports betting service in the world to realize a profit almost no matter what the outcome is. Of course in this game we have great prop betting picks and an amazing prediction that we are betting big on as we have a high degree of certainty of what the outcome will be.