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PYTHON DATA ENGINEER – We are looking for a Python Data Engineer with at least 10 years of developing and experience with back end application development technology for significant data analysis programming and crunching of large data sets. Innovative and 0 to 1 thinking applicants need only apply. Data Analytics employees will work hand in hand with our Python Data Engineer and DevOps specialists. The data engineers work in collaboration with software engineers, analytics teams, data scientists, and DBAs in order to understand and implement innovative analytics solutions to exploit and find inefficiencies in the sports betting markets and sportsbooks opening up across the United States.

The team is responsible for building and maintaining a Python-based platform for data analysis. This includes creating scaleable and resilient data pipelines, developing new and better analytical capabilities and leveraging a range of technologies and methods to enable our dynamic business to make better decisions.

Essential Skills and Experience

Strong Python development skills including experience working with Numpy and Pandas.
Understanding and experience working with data driven architectures.
Proficient using Linux and Bash scripting.
Experience using/building cloud-based solutions using AWS.
Docker and Docker Compose.
Experience working with efficient data storage formats such as Parquet, Avro or ORC.
Management of virtual environments using anaconda and pip.
Interest and willingness to teach and learn from others.

Beneficial Skills and Experience

Experience working with C/C++.
Hands-on experience with Nifi, Airflow and Kubernetes.
Familiarity with visualisation tools such as Plotly or Bokeh.
Understanding of data platforms and resilient architectures.

DATA ANALYST SCIENTIST – PhD Applicants only. This analyst will work with our sports betting analysts to refine our overall performance and to assist the team in making better decisions based on data analysis strictly without outside human inputs. While we are the most successful sports betting operation we strive to improve and bring on board the smartest analysts in the world.

Day to day operations will consist of managing and processing large data sets and outline specific patterns that can be wagered on to increase our betting profits for internal use and for clients. In addition Data Scientist will Perform QA analysis while connecting to a range of different databases; retrieve disparate data sets; then join and augment them into relevant human consumable formats. Should have a strong background in SQL and Python to manipulate large datasets and produce meaningful patterns and recommendations. Produce comprehensive reports identifying findings / observations and conclusions / recommendations

Forge close relationships with the betting team and other analysts to work collaboratively towards common goals and continuous improvement.

CYBER SECURITY EXPERT – We are looking for experience in penetration testing and a top 100 ranking on HackerOne or similar service. Key Responsibilities wiull include the ability to do the following:

Identify, assess and mitigate against cyber security vulnerabilities.
Liaise effectively with technology and development teams to ensure projects are secure on delivery.
Establish defence controls across the organisation
Manage security events collection and analysis
Delivery of security initiatives across the technology teams
Own the cyber security response process

Essential Skills and Experience

Strong technical background in systems and networking infrastructure. In particular: Firewall’s, IPS/IDS, VMware, Linux, Windows
Technical experience with penetration and vulnerability testing
Experience with cloud computing security concepts and service hardening
Proven experience in auditing technical systems and processes

Beneficial Skills and Experience

Experience in scripting and automation
Exposure to implementing security control frameworks (CSC etc)
Ability to educate teams on cyber security matters to improve the overall company cyber security profile
Knowledge of Enterprise security systems (SIEM)

SPORTS BETTING ANALYST – A die hard sports bettor and analyst looking to excel and analyze games and spread proper information online once our picks are in and clients have received their plays. Ideal candidates will be able to instantly showcase their knowledge of players, teams, divisions and statistics. Our analysts have a deep passion for sports and a highly analytical approach to sports betting that allows us to excel. Their insights provide the platform for our Betting Market Analysts to enter the market with confidence and a competitive advantage over any Sharps.

This team is responsible for the execution of value bets into the market on behalf of delivering the service and syndicate plays to our clients. Following the guidance and analysis from the Sports Betting Analysis team, the Analysts manage the game strategy. The key objective is to execute as effectively as possible across a range of different channels on games around the world. It demands sustained concentration and stamina, individual accuracy and the ability to work well in teams. Analytical and technical skills are well utilized in this team, however sound judgement and decisions are also key as strategies evolve as games progress.

Ideal Candidate will be very comfortable with the underlying mathematics used for probability and predictive analysis. You will ideally have some personal exposure to betting markets or exchanges plus sound situational judgement. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills are prerequisites. The ability to think quickly whilst working logically and accurately in a highly pressurized environment is a must.

Working hours vary with the 2018 NFL and College season, with the office being at its most lively during busy evenings and weekends. Knowledge of statistics, Excel VBA or SQL would be advantageous but not essential.

Salary And Benefits

You are required to submit your CV and covering letter which should include:

A summary of your betting experience including types of bets that interest you most and why?
What you consider was your best ever bet including an explanation of why you chose that bet?
What bookmakers or betting outlets you use and why?
How you would go about making a living betting on sports for a year? You should assume you have a reasonable starting bank and explain how you think you would succeed?
What grade you achieved in your Maths GCSE?

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