"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Mobile has become the new normal for computing. Used to be we had to wait to get back to our desks to do something. Today we carry mini computers around in our pockets that double as cell phones. Mobile applications have made gambling even more accessible. Do we remember something called the Sports Beeper? This was advertised by a Las Vegas sports fan who recently passed away. It was advertised as the fastest way to receive up to the minute betting information with pinpoint accuracy. Of course today sports beepers are a thing of the past with faster computing technologies.

For a blast from the past you can see what one looked like here oh and the cost which is now above what any phone service provider would charge.

There are other popular ways in which we can now place wagers live from Nevada. Cantor Gaming has created a mobile application to place wagers wherever you are as long as its within the borders of the state. Sports Bets 4 Free shared with us some other great Sports Betting Apps that users can find in the iTunes and Google Play Store such as:

William Hill’s Betting App. Known Worldwide
Sports Book Game – An opportunity to bet on sports without risking real money and a chance to perfect your skills. Currently available in the Google Play Store.

Bet365 iPhone App – Bet365 is known throughout the world as the bookmaker with a reputation which has: more sports to wager on than any other bookmaker, easy to use version of the game from the phone or tablet, the opportunity to cash out without any hassles if you play or bet in a legal jurisdiction, and no limits on cash deposits or cash outs but wager sizes are limited. Their iPhone application features a great user interface for live betting modes.

ScoresandOdds.com – Scores and Odds is the most popular place to find lines for bettors in the USA. With a seamless and easy to use interface on their website they quickly morphed and created a great opportunity for those wanting to move to mobile.