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WHIP Baseball

whip baseballIn baseball stats, the WHIP is the walks plus hits per inning pitched. It’s essentially a way of measuring the number of baserunners a pitcher allows per each inning pitched. Considering that the WHIP reflects a pitcher’s ability to keep hitters off the bases, the lower a WHIP stat indicates a better performance for the pitcher.

The WHIP is calculated using a simple formula. You simply add the number of walks allows by the pitcher with the hits allowed, and then divide the sum by the numbers of innings the pitcher has pitched. While ERA represents how many runs the pitchers has allowed, the WHIP is a far better indicator of their success against batters.

The WHIP is a far better tool for handicappers and sports bettors to go by when coming up with your daily picks. While an ERA may be slightly off due to errors, or one bad inning, the WHIP is consistent that it takes into account every batter the pitcher faces, and is a direct representation of the pitcher’s success in keeping hitters off the bases. This is just a small tip that our staff of analysts here employ when making our winning picks each and everyday.


While WHIP can be an interesting statistic, and a solid way to judge pitchers and compare them, it has little bearing on who the best odds are for your baseball pick. Stats in general are very broad tools for comparing teams and are not always the best way to measure the odds of a particular baseball game. Similar to power hitters who strike out a lot more than the average contact hitter, pitchers with high WHIP may have higher strikeout stats to compensate for their WHIP. And even in cases where this isn’t true, WHIP shouldn’t be depended upon for your dialy baseball winners. For that you’ll want to come to the experts. Our team here at Sports Information Traders sets the standard in consistent daily baseball winners throughout the regular season and playoffs. You can’t afford to miss another pitch, get in the door now and let Jon Price and his team help get you back on the winning track for your sports investments and wagers. You can find more information on our homepage, or for more tips of the trade and secrets to improve your baseball winning picks, sign up today and let us get you on the winning side!