"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

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The top sports plays come from computer models. The reason for this is that computers are able to crunch large databases of numbers and statistics and combining this with the gut instinct and information that Jon Price compiles helps to ensure a winning angle each and every week of the football season. If you’ve been watching us in the SuperContest in Las Vegas, Nevada then you will see the Sports Info Traders team at the top of the heap.

Why are we winning the SuperContest and how do we make clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each NFL season? The answer is hard work, discipline, and a proven system where we have continued to refine our sports betting picks to ensure that you get the best predictions against the spread and an edge over the bookmakers. With a refined algorithm and a formula to determine what we call “Delta” predicts the accurate and appropriate betting line for an NFL matchup

and what we do with that line is we compare our line to the oddsmakers and if there is a difference between the two of them then we know we have an arbitrage opportunity.

So how much do you Win Betting on Football?

Over 100 million dollars lifetime for Jon Price personally and as his documented record of winning more than 70% of his games has cemented Jon Price and the Sports Info Traders team into the Winning Angle hall of fame. There is no doubt that Price knows how to pick winners and he has made his clients a lot of money but he has more fun in retirement now letting the public have a taste of victory following his winning plays and predictions and letting them profit from his innate ability to beat the Vegas casinos.

His winning record has landed him the displeasure of entering black books in Vegas Sportsbooks and he was investigated and looked at by the Griffin Investigators before they went out of business in 2005.