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Top Sports Bettors in the World – How Many Use Social Media?

Jon Price is blacklisted at most sportsbooks and is renowned as the number one sports bettor in the world. He is to sports betting as Ken Uston was to the game of Blackjack. Jon utilizes Twitters data firehose and other social media properties as a research tool to gain additional information and ways to outsmart the bookmakers. His record setting performance comes from multiple variables that he uses to ensure his success. Other influential people to follow and information about their accounts are below.

10 Most Influential People On Twitter For Sports Bettors

If you want to make money betting on sports then follow Jon Price of Sports Information Traders. If you want great advice and tips then Twitter is one of the top sources for fast information that you can act on before the oddsmakers make an adjustment.

If you’re an avid sports bettor, chances are that you like to get your betting information each week from a variety of sources. You can never have too much perspective of a potential play, and it’s good to hear opposing point of views on your picks. One of the newer, but better and quickly growing resources for sports bettors is Twitter. So our team has compiled a list of the people on twitter that are the most influential and beneficial to sports bettors.

1. Scott Van Pelt
Twitter Handle: @notthefakeSVP
# of Followers: 280,998
Scott gained his popularity as being one of the wittier hosts of SportsCenter, but has branched out into a number of other avenues since then. His no nonsense style and ability to relate to fans and sports bettors is one of his biggest drawls. He strikes a good balance between entertainment and solid sports betting information, and we highly recommend Scott’s twitter and radio program as a solid source of information.

2. Colin Cowherd
Twitter Handle: @ESPN_Colin
# of Followers: 361,756
Colin is one of those characters that you either love or hate him. He’s sometimes controversial, but also tends to speak for the fans a lot, as well. He’s very partial towards his Seattle sports teams, but other than that Colin can be a dependable source for objective sports betting information on a weekly basis.

3. Bill Simmons
Twitter Handle: @sportsguy33
# of Followers: 1,754,551
A sometimes controversial character in his analysis, Simmons is a straight shooter who isn’t lacking in his fan-loyalty to his beloved Celtics and other Boston sports teams. Similar to Colin Cowherd, Simmons tends to be one of those characters that you either love or hate, but regardless of his persona, the guy delivers solid betting advice. Where as many hosts will indirectly offer betting tips and advice, Bill Simmons has been known to talk straight sports betting occasionally, and his twitter account is a good resource on an array of topics.

4. Darren Rovell 
Twitter Handle: @darrenrovell
# of Followers: 226,572
One of the more active users on Twitter for sports betting talk is Darren Rovell. He puts out a lot of content on a daily and weekly basis, and much of it is aimed towards sports betting, or at least information that can benefit your sports picks.

5. Todd Fuhrman
Twitter Handle:  @toddfuhrman
# of Followers:  14,123
One of the lesser popular people on our list, Todd Fuhrman, actually works for the bookmakers and provides real, inside insight into various betting picks and news. Compared to the rest of our list, Todd is still relatively new to the Twitter world, but his information is quality and reputable.

6. Beyond The Bets
Twitter Handle: @beyondthebets
# of Followers: 16,738
One of the few Twitter accounts directly related and dedicated to covering sports betting is Beyond the Bets. Also relatively new to Twitter compared to the rest of our list, but if you bet on sports on a daily basis, then you need to subscribe to Beyond the Bets and their sports information.

7. RJ Bell
Twitter Handle:  @rjinvegas
# of Followers:  18,831
As the CEO of Pregame.com, RJ has access to plenty of rich and reputable sports betting information each and every day. Bell is known for giving out big game lines the second they’re available, before some major bookmakers even can post them. He’s a solid person to get updates from for his inside connections.

8. Covers
Twitter Handle:  @covers
# of Followers:  20,063
One of the most popular sports betting forums and websites on the internet has a Twitter with plenty of updates and information on a daily basis that every sports bettor should take note of.

9. Chad Millman
Twitter Handle:  @chadmillman
# of Followers:  33,137
Considered to be the main sports betting analyst at ESPN, Chad has great insight and access to great information. He does various columns and podcasts for ESPN that tend to lean towards the betting side of sports. As his role at ESPN has grown, he’s tweeted less and less, but is still a great resource for betting information and worth subscribing to.

10. Steve Fezzik
Twitter Handle:  @fezziksports
# of Followers:  5,601
One of the few actual gamblers on our list, Steve is a very successful and well-known sports bettor. He offers a solid perspective and some inside information on various sports betting plays throughout the week.

Who are the best Handicappers on Twitter?

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