"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."


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About Jon Price

Featured in Card Player Magazine, The Huffington Post, Eye on Gaming, Bleacher Report, Gambling911, Forbes Magazine, and many many more Jon Price is hands down the most successful sports bettor of all time.



What Jon will be sharing with you:


√ How sports betting became the key to his success.

√ How he wins over 60% of his sports wagers.

√ The one "magic" rule he has never shared before!

√ The techniques and formulas he uses in his bets.




Chris Fredrick
Beverly Hills, California
Hey Brian Jones isn't this the guy that was driving around in the Ferrari in Beverly Hills the other day that said he's a professional sports bettor?
Like • Reply • September 26, 2021
Ben Shaffer
Austin, Texas
I know sports betting is difficult well really hard. Any references from past students?
Like • Reply • September 18, 2021
Tony Nguyen
Key Largo, Florida
Was a very successful member of this program last year. Back for more!
Like • Reply • September 18, 2021
Peter Grinley
Columbus, Ohio
You're the best Jon!!! Can't thank you enough.
Like • Reply • September 17, 2021
Mike Tibben
Reno, Nevada
Big fan of your work Jon. Your ESPN radio picks in Arkansas made me a fortune last season.
Like • Reply • September 16, 2021
Rose Beck
Jacksonville, Florida
I saw your $20k Royals futures pick from a couple years ago... I was impressed. Figured I'll give you a shot.
Like • Reply • September 16, 2021