Jon price’s Success for his clients over last 20+ years

I like to update all of our members with an in depth disclosure into the thought process and mindset that sets us apart from other hedge funds and those who make a living wagering on the outcomes of sporting events.

This past year our quants have ramped up our Information Theory fund which has exceled Sports Information Traders internal fund into the most successful returns we have seen in beta testing over the last decade. Information Theory studies quantification of large data and we have come up with excellent measuring tools for “Entropy” which quantifies the degree of uncertainty that is involved in the value of a random variable process such as the final score of a game.

As I will divulge more algorithmic processes below which have a high correlation to me being the most successful sports bettor in the world here are some key points for all sports investors and members of Sports Information Traders 8 tips to live by if you want to achieve the levels of success that we have here:

1.  Know the difference between information and influence.

2. Finding “Delta” and comparing our lines to the bookmakers will always be top priority

3.  Properly assess strategy and plan an execution for wagers.

4.  Be numerate and understand our numbers.

5.  Think probabilistically and understand losses are part of the job. We will not win every day but over the long run our wins will always outpace our losses.

6.  Timing is critical. If a betting line moves out of favor we miss opportunity.

7.  Beware of behavioral biases and influences from outside sources. Trust your gut.

8.  Betting unit sizes should always move at critical inflection points. We must always maximize the payoff from edge.

As sports betting investors we continue to navigate unchartered waters each day. In a world that is currently marked by fear, uncertainty, and doubt between uncertainty in China, growing populist pressures around the world and Central Bankers who are focused on debasing their currencies. While there is currently and always has been turmoil in the world Sports Betting has always been a safe haven for my clients and myself and as the proven records have shown a way to out pace the stock market and gain greater returns through sports wagering than any other legal investment opportunity.

Disciplines That Lead to Success

It’s important to ask yourself. What can go wrong? How much can we lose in any given betting opportunity? I think of risk outside of an academic sense. Line movements and Delta are in my dreams and my innate passion for this has created many great opportunities, which changes my viewpoints on risk and turn that mentality into focusing on risk before I focus on return. Long term orientation is critical to our success and I want those who will continue to be with me for decades to come as I have a strong and growing user base of bettors who follow my advice and have profited handsomely through the years for doing so.

The betting business is largely about psychology. If you’re down in a season then you’re most likely not thinking straight. If you experience a back door cover on a big wager then you may not be in the correct mindset for the next week of bets. The biggest benefit and discipline is to not have your own psychology get interrupted and that is where my analysts at Sports Information Traders come in to help our clients in good times and bad.

I manage the sports betting fund with the intention of earning excellent absolute returns regardless of other investment returns during any given 5 year period. You must be careful as there are touts with no real sports betting experience and are trying to start handicapping companies. We take advantage of proven computer models that we have refined through the years and risk management techniques that ensure a long term success.

We welcome all of you to the Sports Information Traders family and are excited to start off the 2016 Football season.

Jon Price

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