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Posted on September 3, 2016 by Bryan Zarpentine

Tim Tebow Baseball

Image via theatlantic.com

Less than a week after putting on a showcase in front of MLB teams, Tim Tebow is starting to gain interest from major league clubs. Pedro Gomez of ESPN is reporting that multiple teams have expressed interest in signing Tebow to a minor league deal, with the Atlanta Braves appearing to show the most interest. The Braves were one of five teams to speak to the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner following his showcase in Los Angeles this past Tuesday.

Tebow received mixed reviews from scouts who saw his showcase, although he did display quite a bit of raw power, which may have piqued the interest of a few teams. Somewhat ironically, the former quarterback did not receive great reviews on his throwing abilities, which most scouts rated as below average, potentially limiting him to left field.

On the surface, the Braves would appear to be a good fit for Tebow, as the Florida native would likely have a strong fan following in the south. The Braves are also in the midst of a massive rebuilding project and could afford to be patient with Tebow. Despite flashing raw power at his showcase, it could take a lot of time and repetitions until Tebow is able to translate that power into game situations against high-level pitchers.

In addition to the Braves, Gomez also reports that the Colorado Rockies are showing interest in signing Tebow. Of course, Tebow began his pro football career in Denver with the Broncos. Tebow led the Broncos to a first round playoff win in 2011, only to be traded to the New York Jets the following season when Denver signed Peyton Manning. Even after being traded away from Denver, Tebow had plenty of fan support in Colorado, which could make signing with the Rockies a unique opportunity for him.

Despite interest from at least two of the 28 teams that sent representatives to his showcase, Tebow does not appear to be in a rush to sign with any team. The minor league regular season ends Monday, and so there is no time for Tebow to play with a minor league club this season. Tebow intends to play instructional league with whatever team signs him, and he’s also received an offer to play winter ball in Venezuela, which could help him prepare for spring training next season.

It could be several weeks until Tebow signs with a major league club, as he will likely weigh all of his options and see if other teams approach him with interest. However, with the Braves and Rockies showing interest in him, it seems likely that Tebow will sign somewhere and will be given the chance to pursue a career in baseball by a major league team.

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