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FedEx Field Washington Redskins About Stadium The home of the Washington Redskins, FedEx Field is located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Opened in 1997, the stadium’s capacity eventually ballooned to 91,000 from 2004 to 2010, as the Redskins fanbase set the record for paid attendance. The capacity was downsized to its current size of 82,000 […]

MetLife Stadium NY Giants / NY Jets About Stadium Built in the Meadowlands at MetLife Sports Complex in East Rutherford, NJ, the stadium is home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The stadium originally opened in 2010 and was called New Meadowlands Stadium, till MetLife bought the naming rights in […]

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles Rams About Stadium Having been introduced in 1921, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is by far the oldest stadium in use in today’s NFL. At 93,607 total capacity, it’s also the largest stadium currently in use by an NFL team. From 1953 to 1964, the seating capacity grew to […]

Reasons for betting on the CBI and CIT Tournaments March Madness is every basketball fans Mecca. First there is the NCAA Tournament, the NIT, and for those that are paying attention — two fairly new tournaments — the College Basketball Invitational, or CBI, and the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament, or CIT. And while every sports fan […]

Using NCAA Tournament locations to wager effectively With so many factors to be considered when wagering on the annual Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, it’s hard to put emphasis on just one. However, there are some factors that matter more than others, and one not to be overlooked or forgotten, should be game location. Here are […]

How to avoid NCAA Tournament prop betting mistakes Updated 3/14/2016– Read to kick off March Madness? Listen live on the air to legend Jon Price as he delivers his winning predictions and picks. Perhaps there is nothing more exciting than betting on the annual Men’s NCAA Tournament, than partaking in a few side prop bets […]

What Did you Learn From Betting on Super Bowl 50? Now that the big game is over and Peyton Manning wins his second Super Bowl championship we can examine the big game. Football handicappers and bettors who wager only once a year can read this when Super Bowl 51 or XXXXXI or VI comes around […]

Where can you bet on sports in Amsterdam or the Netherlands? Holland is a beautiful country with a lot of great cities from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. One problem however is that there are no sportsbooks where you can place wagers at. Different from the betting shops set up throughout London. William Hill does not […]

Updated Oscar Betting Odds 2/11/2016 — Last year we correctly predicted the outcome of the 2015 Oscars for Best Picture where we bet the maximum on as many offshore accounts as possible. The academy awards has always been a fun proposition to wager on and 2016 will be no different. Below we provide you with […]

Psychic Wins Emails Tired of receiving emails every single day from a sports handicapping company named “Psychic Wins”? The team here at SIT Picks is a group of sports analysts led by world famous sports gambler Jon Price. Price has been featured prominently in Forbes, Eye on Gaming, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and many other […]

Lou Diamond a Don Best Featured Sports Handicapper Looking for winning sports betting picks? Then look no further. The worlds number one gambler treats betting as a business not as a risky wager. Jon Price has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications. Enough about the legend however […]

Hockey Puckline Similar to betting on baseball, the moneyline is the most popular wager when betting on hockey. This is due to the great number of close games, with the vast majority of games being decided by just one or two goals. While playing the puckline can be a dangerous way to wager on hockey, […]

Middling in Gambling Middling in gambling can be one of the most risky techniques used by bettors, but when done correctly can reap extreme profits with multiple wins on the same play. The simplified version of how it works is to bet both sides of a game, but at different lines. For example, if the […]

Runline in Baseball Traditionally, the moneyline is by far the most common wager in baseball. With so many games, regardless of the disparity in talent between the two teams playing, being decided by less than two runs, it can sometimes be risky business to wager on the runline if you don’t know what you’re doing. […]

2016 NFL Conference Championship Game Picks Against the Spread The first two weeks of the NFL Playoffs have been profitable for sports information traders. Our picks against the spread on Sunday went 2-0 as we correctly called for the Under in the Broncos game and the Carolina Panthers -2 points. This week things get even […]

Sirius XM Satellite Radio Sports Picks Advertisement Listening to the radio in your car? Your favorite Sirius XM satellite radio stations may have radio commercials advertising a jonathon stone or another sports betting advice service. Howard Stern may even endorse a service right before you heard an advertisement for the adultery website Ashley Madison. If […]

NFL Picks Against the Spread Each week of the season we have delivered our top NFL Picks Against the spread. We have compared our picks and predictions against the experts. Here is how we stack up compared to all of the experts. The best handicappers such as the ones listed below that we have tracked […]

Who are the best NFL Wide Receivers of all Time? They are athletic, graceful and often times charismatic. They are often described as prima donnas by the media, but esteemed by quarterbacks and revered by fans.   They are NFL receivers.   From the high-flying acrobatics of legendary Lynn Swann to the showboating antics of […]

Shonabish is the Miccosukee word for Thank You. The Seminole indians have different words and dialect that they use tracing back to the history of the United States of America. The word shonabish (pronounced shoh-nah-bish) means “thank you. If you gamble at a Seminole casino in Hollywood, Florida then you probably have seen the Thank […]

Top 5 NBA teams of all time Can one really truly determine which teams are the best in the history of the National Basketball Association? Well, we think can. With that and a bunch of numbers and statistics, here’s a look at the five best NBA teams of all time in reverse order. 5. 2001 […]

Top 5 worst NFL teams of all time Everyone loves a winner, but in order to have winners, there has to be losers. And the over the years, the NFL has had its share. And it’s a fact that some of the most memorable teams in the NFL are also some of the most horrible […]

Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Poem in its entirety below As one of the greatest NBA Players of all time decides that it is time to retire at the end of the 2015-2016 basketball season he announces it with a kind poem. The poem can be read in it’s entirety below without any edits or changes: “Dear […]

SBR forum picks vs. SIT Service Plays Updated 1/10/2016– Service plays are picks and predictions from a selection of different sports handicappers. Getting a consensus can be a great strategy but can also lead to something called “Analysis Paralysis.” This means that there is too much information to decipher and you are confused as to […]

Top 5 college basketball rivalries Hate is a strong word, but when it comes to college basketball, it’s just part of the scenery. And while there are plenty of schools that really don’t like each other, there are a few that stand out above the rest. With that here are the most intense rivalries in […]

Top NFL ATS Pick for Week 11 11-20-2015 Green Bay + 1 Current Green Bay Minnesota Line Current Record: Minnesota 8-1 ATS, Green Bay 5-4 ATS While the Vikings have been one of the hottest teams in football right now with 5 straight wins, more attention has been shifted to the Packers, who have lost […]

Golf Betting Tips One of the least bet on sports is also one of the easiest to handicap and wager on, if you know what you’re doing. Golf is traditionally one of those sports that’s a diamond in the rough for many sports handicappers around the world. It’s a year-round sport, which makes it among […]

Bleacher Report Picks Against the Spread The Bleacher Report is a great resource on a variety of topics ranging from general sports news, to crucial sports betting information relevant to any sports gamblers or handicappers. With a lot of great insight and plenty of content added daily, Bleacher Report is one of the best tools […]

Monday Night Football Picks Monday Night Football is when the country and sports world stop to all take note. It’s the only NFL game on Mondays, and brings out the brightest lights and biggest stage each week in football. For those of you that lost money on Sunday and are looking to bounce back strong […]

The 2015 NFL Monday Night Football schedule Week 1, September 14 Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons, 7:10 p.m. ET Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers, 10:20 p.m. ET Week 2 September 21 New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts Week 3 September 28 Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers Week 4 October 5 Detroit Lions […]

CBS Sportsline CBS Sportsline is a great resource for finding weekly and daily scoring updates, as well as odds, news, and various other late breaking updates. Their website is a great resource for handicappers and amateur pickers who are looking to improve their knowledge and their winning picks, but it’s not the place you should […]

Pay Attention To Teams On a Cold ATS Streak From my personal experience as a professional sports better, if a team is on a cold ATS streak, such as 0-3 ATS, you can be assured they will cover on the fourth game. The same applies to Over/Under ATS trends. If a team’s last three games […]

Jon Price Cashes Big on Kansas City Royals World Series Win After being one of the most reclusive sports bettors in the world. An insider source at a Las Vegas, Nevada sportsbook leaked Price’s big wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 world series. Rumor has it that the news leaked and […]

Guide to betting on football underdogs Whether betting on the moneyline, or against the spread, there is something exciting about betting on football underdogs. Perhaps its spotting something that the betting public did not see, or maybe just the profits from capitalizing on a big score. Nevertheless, betting on underdogs can be fun but extremely risky. […]

Tips for in-game football betting For today’s football handicapper, there are still some wagering options long after the game’s kicked off. In fact, a lot of the most valuable sports betting opportunities exist just after a game has begun. That’s because of the always increasing number of in-game betting options offered by online sportsbooks. And […]

HK Malay is a sports handicapper and radio personality from Blowoutpicks.com. Blow Out Picks is a sports service that offers sports betting advice. You may have heard H.K. Malay on KNBR in San Francisco, CBS Sports Radio in Sacramento, California, 92.5 the Game in Nashville, Tennessee, and 103.7 the Buzz in Little Rock, Arkansas. His […]

How to predict football line moves Carnac the Magnificent would have made a great sport’s handicapper, but unfortunately, crystal balls, Magic 8-Balls and make-believe soothsayers are not real.   But what if handicappers possessed just a smidgen of Carnac’s famous prognosticating abilities? What if they could predict football line moves? They can. Kind of.   […]

IDI Sports Service – Credit Card Bill 09/08/2017 — On your credit card statement do you see something that says IDI Sports Service or IDI Processing. No need to worry. This is from the IDI Sports Processing center that handles the charges and credit card billing for the sports service and sports information industry. If […]

<h1>Betting  on college football upsets</h1> Betting on college football can be fun, but even more exciting and profitable when discovering and wagering on an underdog with a more than good chance of upsetting a top favorite.   However, with these bets comes risks, and there is a few things handicappers must consider when trying to […]

MYbookie.Ag – You Heard The Ad Now Read the Reviews After changing their name from the popular .LV an extension that was known for Bovada which was the replacement for Bodog.com. Now you hear on the radio all across the country the ads for Mybookie.ag and seeing instagram stars like Ava from Cleats and Cleavage […]

The weekly NFL schedule ends with two highly watched games each and every week, and Sunday and Monday nights can be tough for football handicappers. That’s because these are two of the most watched games of the week, hyped up by a ton of media attention and broadcasted on national television, in turn attracting a […]

Betting on turnover differential in Football One of the most overlooked and underrated NFL football statistics that can provide valuable insight to football handicappers, is a NFL team’s turnover differential. This statistic represents the difference between the number of times a team turns the ball over, and the number of times it recovers a turnover […]

Wagerline Updated 10-9-2105– Sports Information Traders has been spot on teaching amateurs about the dangers of getting involved with Draft Kings & Fan Duel. Now that this insider trading scandal is rocking the fantasy sports world the likes of league contests on Wagerline and ways to make more money with Jon Prices Sports betting picks […]

 Handicapping early mismatched college football games The first few weeks of a new college football season can be challenging. Especially, for small schools who must often face college football teams from major conferences.   This is often the result of those major teams scheduling a weaker opponent to see where they stand, and to work […]

Driving around in your car listening to a sports radio station and you hear an advertisement commercial spot for Jonathon Stone Handicapping service? The advertisement talks about free locks of the week and the radio commercials may advertise you to check out Jonathon Stones website stone-cold-locks. Well if you have worked with Stone or another […]

Between Nate Silver and Jon Price of Sports Information Traders and the famous Five Thirty Eight statistics blog you can make a lot of money with algorithmic predictions. Here are the 2015 NFL Team Win Predictions before all of the week 1 games kick off. First place is the defending super bowl champions the New […]

Betting on football games is fun. But it can be a challenging, especially for handicappers trying to stretch their time and resources on both college and NFL football games week in and week out. During some weeks there are as many as 50-60 football games on Saturday and up to 16 on Sunday. That’s a […]

Which stocks tend to well and have a correlation with the football season? Check out Nike, Under Armour, Best Buy, and Target. These are stocks that have an influence as Under Armour is Footballs biggest sponsor according to a CNBC report in 2015. and Best Buy is the place where fans go to purchase their […]

There are a myriad of challenges that face football handicappers at the beginning of every new season. But perhaps the greatest challenge is trying to figure out which teams with new quarterbacks, they should wager on.   This occurrence happens more often in the college football ranks, but can take place in the NFL, and […]

Sports information Traders $500 Scholarship to College Students The mathematicians here at Sports Information Traders believe in promoting education and want to help you get through this school year at ease. As we have a strong educational background from the top universities we want to help you to have the same benefits that we all […]

So what exactly does that title mean? Well we run a lot of numbers and are often looked at and compared to Five Thirty Eight another great resource for comparing sports betting data and analysis. We built out a proprietary system to run numbers and come back with the likelihood of a team winning a […]

Sports Information Trader’s2016 Super Bowl 50 NFL Futures Odds Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, 2/7/2016 With the 2015-’16 NFL Season finally upon us, it’s time for us to introduce our 2016 Super Bowl 50 Future Odds for each respective team. Team 2016 Super Bowl 50 Futures Odds Super Bowl Money Odds (Payout Per $100 Bet.) […]