BAILOUT PLAYS Sports Picks Scam?

Bailout Plays Sports Betting Advice

Received an email from [email protected] offering to sell you betting picks and turn your life around? If you want a bail out then go to a bail bondsmen. If you want winning picks and plays then you come to sports information traders the worldwide leader in betting picks. The media has spoken and with features in Forbes, Huffington Post, Wikipedia, and numerous other big name publications the legend Jon Price has cemented himself into the handicapping hall of fame.

This is something that the possible scammers over at Bailout plays will never ever be able to do. We have had numerous complaints from clients about bailout plays (website is Their saying on the website is ”

Having a rough week? Rough month? Your other handicapping service losing for you? Then stop right here and get today’s BAILOUT PLAY. The cost is only $1000 USD. Give yourself a BAILOUT and actually win tonight!!”


Problem is betting is a long term investment. We tell all of our radio listeners this and its very important that you follow through on the long term investment plan and you don’t count on any one play to bail you out. So for that reason alone you can avoid Bailout Plays all together.

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