"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Review on Bet With Confidence – Twitter Betting Review

We are the number one handicapping syndicate in the world so we are always looking to sharpen our skills and to keep our eyes on the competition. We were recently shown the predictions and plays from Dave at Bet With Confidence from a client. He said the computerized picks from an algorithm were expected to do very well but ended up going 1-7 out of their first 8 games. When the client took to twitter to complain about the poor performance fanatics and backers voted that you need more time and it is about the long run.

This is completely true that you do need to measure the long term performance to know how much money you are going to make from sports betting. Their twitter handle is @BWCPICKS and there are no current monitors who are tracking their plays. Their phone number is 470-BET-WITH and again we have no personal experience working with their plays and measuring them up. As always we will keep you posted with our latest findings but if you want the most confidence you work with the best in the world.

We get asked a lot of questions about being the top sports bettor in the world and how Jon Price has famously made millions of dollars in his lifetime gambling on sports. One of the secrets to his success is having confidence and knowing that when you’re placing a wager that you’re on the right side of a wager that you’re willing to put a lot of money up for. When you have a bet that is not favorable knowing that you should wager much less is one of the most important disciplines to successful sports betting. In the free section giving out Sports Betting Tips and Advice to amateurs and those visiting our website you can find more helpful ways to improve your handicapping game.