"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sal Iacono – ESPN NFL Gambling Expert

ESPN has a gambling expert who is almost as good as the Legend Jon Price here at Sports Information Traders. Sal Iacono a New York City writer for comedy show Jimmy Kimmel. Sports bettors know him as Cousin Sal who appears and speaks on Bill Simmons ESPN podcast. In the last 6 weeks of the regular season last year he was the only handicapper to have a better winning streak than Jon Price.

Over the course of the last quarter of the regular season he went 15-0 with 3 pushes. Now if you teased his bets you could have made some real money going 18-0 with the teasers costing you less than the money you made with your wagers. In the last 8 weeks of the regular season he went 19-2-3. So far Sal Iaconos 2015-2016 season picks and predictions have not done as well.

Sal Iacono Betting Picks Against the Spread 2015 NFL season

Up to Week 4 Sal has gone 2-1 straight up. Here are Sals Week 4 picks against the spread:

Chicago Bears +3 Points over the tricky Oakland Raiders. “All of the sudden, the Raiders are the degenerate gambler darling of the NFL. In some casinos, 91% of the gamblers playing this game are backing the Raiders, who are 1-7 as a road favorite in their last eight. Do you know who the one was? I don’t either. I’m not convinced it happened. I’m taking the Bears, plus-3. Look, they’re miserable. It’s a fire sale, but take Chicago.” Sports Information Traders thinks that the Raiders can be tricky and even warned KNBR listeners in San Francisco and Oakland that the second Bay area team will surprise you. He disagrees with Sals pick and says to take the Radiers -3 points this Sunday.

Sals other pick is what is known as a 2 team teaser. Its like a parlay for those who are less experienced sports bettors. This allows you to move up the spread in your favor. The Buffalo Bills on a pick over the New York Giants teased with the Kansas City Chiefs receiving 10.5 points over the Cincinnati Bengals with the help of Andy Dalton.

Sals Best Bet for this Weeks Game

As KFAN listeners in Minneapolis might have heard. Take the Minnesota Vikings +7 points over the Denver Broncos. As stated on the podcast and by Jon Price as well on air: “Something is wrong with Peyton Manning. He’s not the same. There is something off about his game and you are not going to hear that from anybody else but me. Here’s the thing. Everybody is talking about the Bronco’s defense, but it’s the Vikings’ front-7. They give up fewer than 17 points per game. They’re 6-1 against the spread as an underdog in their last seven. I like them to keep [the Broncos] close. I think they can win the game, but it doesn’t matter, I’m getting seven points.”

We must say that star handicappers like Jon Price and Sal Iacono seem to have strong discipline and similar outlooks on how they break down each and every play.

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