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When it comes to professional sports, very few have the same level of popularity as the NBA. As a result, there’s no shortage of websites promising the best NBA picks, each claiming to be the best. But how can you truly find the sharpest plays to increase your bankroll?

Led by the world’s best NBA handicappers, a Sports Information Traders package gives you the inside edge on the top games each week. With a historical win rate over 60%, Mike Wise offers unparalleled looks into the league’s best opportunities each week, offering NBA expert picks that can’t be found elsewhere.

Before you start betting on the NBA, it’s important to understand how the odds work and how you can take advantage of them throughout the seasons. Here’s what you need to know about making NBA picks that will win.

Tips for NBA Betting Picks

Every website offering NBA sports betting news has a space dedicated to NBA picks for the week. Even sports news websites like ESPN, CBS Sports and Fox Sports are now offering NBA betting picks and analysis. Although sports journalists have great reach and good insights, they aren’t always the best people to trust for betting information.

Before putting your money down on any NBA picks, it’s critical to do your own analysis first. Start by reading the game previews to understand who is in the game, which players may be affected by illness or injury, and how team dynamics could affect the final score.

Next, you need to understand all the different types of bets out there, and how diversifying your betting types could reduce your risk tolerance and lead to bigger gains. The five most common NBA pick ‘em bets are money line bets, betting against the spread, over/under picks, parlay bets, and playoff predictions.

NBA Money Line Picks

Money line bets are arguably the easiest NBA picks to understand for two reasons. First, placing a wager on the money line is betting on the winning team, regardless of the final score of the margin of victory. Second, money line bets show how much you stand to get back if your picks are successful.

Teams Betting Odds Potential Pay Out
Brooklyn -150 $150 wager wins $100
New York +225 $100 wager wins $225

For example: If today’s NBA picks on a New York-Brooklyn game has New York a +225 underdog and Brooklyn the -150 favorite, you not only have information on who oddsmakers believe will win, but also how much your wager could pay out. If Brooklyn wins, you would have to bet $150 to get a $100 payout, while if New York wins, a $100 wager would pay back $225.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

NBA picks against the spread add an additional dimension to sports betting. For a bet on the favorite team to win, they have to do so by a predetermined points margin, while the underdog simply has to keep the game within the spread.

Let’s assume that on NBA picks tonight, Cleveland is the favorite to win over Miami by 11 points. If you place a bet against the spread on Cleveland, the Cavaliers would need to win by at least 11 points to get a payout. But if the Heat win the game, or lose by 10 or less points, all bets on Miami would be successful.

NBA Over/Under Picks

NBA games are often high-scoring affairs, with the total score at the final buzzer often exceeding 200 points. That’s why over/under bets are among the most fun NBA picks: once oddsmakers set the over/under line, bettors have the opportunity to pick if the score will be over the prediction or fall short.

For example: In a game between Dallas and Atlanta, sportsbooks set the over/under line at 224. If the combined final score is above 224, “over” bets will win – but if the score at the final buzzer does not exceed that number, all “under” bets win. If the sum of the score is exactly 224, then it is a “push,” and all bets are refunded.

NBA Parlay Picks

NBA picks and parlays are popular among experts, because they offer a bigger payout (potentially) with a smaller bet. On a parlay bet, bettors are picking not only the outcome of the game, but that one or more outcomes will also happen at the end.

If you believe that Charlotte will not only win their next game, but also score above the over/under line, you could make a two-way parlay bet on those outcomes. In order to win, both would need to be true at the end of the game – if Charlotte wins but the final score doesn’t add up to beyond the over/under line, you would lose.

NBA Playoff Predictions

Like any future speculation, NBA playoff predictions present an opportunity to win big, but they come with substantial risk. These NBA picks only pay off if you successfully predict which of the 16 teams will still be playing for the championship at the end of the season. While the odds can change dramatically throughout the season, your potential winnings are locked in when you place your bet.

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