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John Mastronardo

John MastronardoOne of the most infamous and successful bookmakers in history also turned out to be a tragic story. John Mastronardo once was America’s premier sports bookmaker, with a global network that accepted bets from some of the largest players in the world. But his story took a turn for the worse when John Mastronardo was found guilty of racketeering-conspiracy and money-laundering charges which came from the dealings of his gambling empire. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison on February 19, 2015.

John Mastronardo had been arrested before and had charges brought against him for the shady handling his company did, but they never stopped him from pursuing his passion for bookmaking and sports betting. He faced incarceration a total of four times, and always returned back to his hallmark of sports gambling.

John Mastronardo ran his company with an iron fist and sent threats to his debtors. When FBI agents seized his property, he had over $1.1 million cash hidden in PVC pipes underground and $1.7 million in various bank accounts. Not to mention his many homes and other accessories of his lavish lifestyle. It was ultimately his ruthless dealings that ended his reign and success as he now sits in a jail cell, and will remain there until he gets a chance for parole in 2016.

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