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mlb teams twitter hashtagsMajor League Baseball is trying something a little new this year and they try to stay on the leading edge of social media innovations. Major League Baseball clubs have started using their own Twitter Hashtags that fans can all use and get in on the fun. Some of the hashtags are rather predicatable, for example, the Baltimore Orioles went with #Birdland, but some are rather creative or at least funny, like the Boston Red Sox who went with #WinDanceRepeat.


The most creative hashtag likely goes to the San Francisco Giants with their #BeliEVEN which references the fact that the Giants have won the World Series in the years 2012, 2014, and now hope to make it the third even year in a row where they take home the crown.


In addition to some of the clubs having their own hashtags for their fans to use and have fun with, Major League Baseball has also selected a few hashtags of their own to promote their major events like the All-Star Break and the World Series.

Listed below are some of the hashtags that Major League Baseball and their teams have taken to and incorporated for the upcoming season.

Baltimore Orioles: #Birdland

Chicago Cubs: #FlyTheW

San Francisco Giants: #BeliEVEN

Texas Rangers: #NeverEverQuit

Boston Red Sox: #WinDanceRepeat

Cleveland Indians: #RallyTogether

Toronto Blue Jays:

New York Mets:

Washington Nationals:

Los Angeles Dodgers: #LALovesOctober

You can also use #Postseason, #WildCard and #WorldSeries.


No doubt this is an attempt to stay up with the times and keep current in the face of an ever-evolving sports and social landscape, but many fans are already having fun with the idea and it seems to be a good one thus far. It’s added a whole new level of interactiveness for fans to chime in and take part in their team’s success. Next time you’re own Twitter be sure to try them out and give your own hometown team a hashtag shoutout to show your support.