"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."


ncaab picks

Year to year, College Basketball is among the hardest sports to handicap for amateur bettors, along with College football. The problem with NCAAB picks, and the NCAA in general is the excessive number of teams and information to track. There’s over 300 teams in Mens’ Division I Basketball in the country. Some are in powerhouse conferences that receive all the attention and coverage, while other schools you wouldn’t even know existed. With such an overwhelming amount of information, it’s easy to understand how the betting public does so poorly in NCAAB picks every year… But we’re not the betting public.

Sports Information Traders’ basketball department is headed by our own industry Sharp, Mike Wise, one of the most respected basketball minds in the country. Mike and his team average 64% annually in a sport that most amateurs are lucky to hit even above 50% in. So how do we maintain such a superior level of success? By using the same system we use for College Football, originated by our own Jon Price, to focus the bulk of our resources on the smaller, lesser known conferences. While Vegas’ bookmakers load up their resources on the powerhouse conference and high profile games, they leave the door open by giving less scrutiny to the lines of the smaller conferences. This is one of the main reasons Sports Information Traders’ NCAAB Picks hit more than 14% better than the common betting public, because we know where to look!

Our own lead sports handicapper Jon Price has made millions for himself off of his pro and college basketball wagers. It’s your chance to join the ranks of the successful gamblers who are making up to six or even seven figures on wagering on basketball. With so many games each year to choose from, basketball is a handicappers dream sport and offers the most opportunities to cash in out of any of the major four American sports. You can’t afford to wait any longer and miss out on our daily basketball winners from the court. Sign up now above or on our homepage and let us show you the way to becoming a successful wagerer in sports and to steadily build your bankroll throughout the season and quickly turning a profit.

Most amateur bettors tend to bet either by impulse or emotion, neither of which is a formula for success. This isn’t about entertainment, or getting to watch the big 1st seed vs 2nd seed game, this is about finding the one or two loose lines Vegas produces every night, and capitalizing on them. We’ve implemented this system for the last 6 years and it’s won our clients in excess of $5 Million during that 6 year span. So stop losing money in your sports investments, sign up today and see what a reputable, professional sports service can do for you with our NCAAB Picks against the spread.