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College Football and NFL Prognisticator Norm Hitzges provides winning football advice each and every week to the listening audience in Dallas, Texas. Live on air on The Ticket KTCK-AM. Typically he will give out 5 plays and is also a specialist in handicapping horse racing picks. As of quarter 4 2016 in Football his record according to is 6-3 for NFL pre-season, 8-10 in College Football (last week) and 63-63 for the season and 23-34 with his NFL Picks.

Norms Picks on SportsRadio 1310 & 96.7 The Ticket

Norm is very transparent with his plays and gives out plays live on the air 1 time each week during the NFL and College Football season. Daily Clubhouse however has daily selections posted. He posts late sports information for his members and does not have any negative reviews which is a great sign for the sports handicapping industry.

To reach Norms Clubhouse you can call 800-798-4653 or connect through Twitter @:

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