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Parlay Calculator

A great tool that comes highly recommended by our staff here at Spots Information Traders is the new Parlay Calculator. A revolutionary tool and a must-have for all serious sports bettors and investors. It’s an app that you can download straight to your smart phone and use from anywhere.

In order for a parlay to win, a player must win all of the wagers within the parlay. If only one of the games out of your multi-team parlay losses then the whole parlay loses and you pay Vegas. Conversely, if you place multiple wagers in a parlay, and they all win except for a tie, postponed game, incomplete or even multiple instances of those scenarios. Then the parlay still counts as a win, but minus those two plays that tied… It’s as if you never placed those bets.

If you’re like most players and you enjoy rolling the dice on multi-team parlays to really hit it big and cash-in on one night of action, then the parlay calculator is a necessity. To use, all you do is enter the odds for the games you’re parlaying, and the total amount of your wager, and the parlay calculator does all the rest of the work for you and can show you exactly how much you stand to win from your parlay wager. It’s the only way you should be betting on parlays at all.

There’s a lot of tools and tricks that some of the expert sports handicappers keep to themselves and use to their advantage to pick winners at an impressive pace that few amateur bettors can even come close to. Parlay Calculator is one of them. While not all handicappers support or advocate the use of parlays in your daily betting strategy, the ones that do almost always have an internet tab opened to Parlay Calculator at all times. It’s the only sure way to best evaluate your proposed parlay plays and the risk you’re taking versus the reward, before you go and place a misinformed wager with poor odds and payout. Stop committing amateur betting mistakes that only the newbies in the business should ever be guilty of, start clenaing up your betting strategy and looking at ways that you can better inform yourself on the calculated risks you’re taking on your daily wagers and parlays. Don’t take my word for it, visit them today at ParlayCalculator.com and check out their one-of-a-kind betting tool. It’ll help revolutionize the way you bet on sports and assess your wagers before you even place a single bet. Try it out now then come back to Sports Information Traders for all your winning betting information to help you capitalized on your new found betting parlay calculator tool.

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