"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."


predictemAnother community where online sports bettors and fans gather is Predictem.com. Similar to Covers and SBR forum, Predictem has a load of features from free picks, a sports betting forum, up-to-the-minute scores and odds updates, as well as any other pertinent sports betting information you may need.

It also acts as a hub for other sportsbooks and services, which allows you to sample some of the different online services so you can better find one that suits you. While the forums and all of their betting tools are great, especially for amateur bettors, the last place you ever want to look for sports picking and handicapping advice is the forum of a sports betting site. That’s where all the loser, degenerates gather to spew their misinformation. For winning picks and information, there’s only one place to go… SportsInformationTraders.com. Our game reports we produce for our clients each and every day are the kind of information that deliver winners consistently throughout a season. It’s what sets us apart from the competition and makes our clients millions every year.

While Predictem is a great place for sports betting information, the last thing you want to do is take picks from the losers in the forums whom claim to have high winning percentages, yet they never seem to win when you see their play. ‘Funny how that works out. Some of the biggest losers in the world of sports gambling frequent their forum boards and post their losing picks on a daily basis. It’s easy to fall into the trap with them sounding so confident and informed in their betting information, but we assure you that self-assurance in the world of sports betting means nothing if you’re not a professional sports handicapper like our own Jon Price who is an expert sports picker and handicapper. While Predictem is one of the best sources to gather your own raw betting information, you can sign up with us today and cut out the middleman and the work, and let Jon Price and his team do all the work. We’re among the best in the world, and our own team uses Predictem.com as a resource every single day on our winning wagers.

Feel free to check out all the features Predictem has to offer, there’s plenty of useful tools they provide to their users. It can realy help bring information to those amateur bettors who are struggling to find resources on sats and other trending informaiton that may give some insight to your sports bets, but be aware that the so-called handicappers that dominate their forum are nothing more than keyboard warriors making other people lose with their bad information. Join a real, documented, and reputable service… Sign up today with Sports Information Traders and see what a real sports betting service is all about.

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