RC Picks – Robert Conti JR.

RCpicks.com is run by the knowledgable sports bettor Robert Conti Junior. He has been giving out sports picks for decades and has an extensive knowledge of betting parlays and

His website offers different starter packages ranging from $4.99 for a single day of plays with no up sells, phone calls, or salesmen calling you with a 1-3 star rating. The 7 day pass also gives you instant access and is $19.99, and the final available package is $59.99 for 30 days of full access.

As advertised in his emails he states that it’s not gambling when your betting on winners and he has proven that for the last 30 years. Delivering winners week after week. He has developed a winning system that has taken him to numerous world champion handicapping titles over the past 3 decades.  

Now in November of 2016 here are the statistics for September:

+91.2 Units in September
$100 bettors are up $9,120.00 in September
$200 bettors are up $18,240.00 in September
$500 bettors are up $45,600 in September
$1000 bettors are up $91,200 in September
RC Sports Betting Picks are up  a whopping 91.2 units this last month!
RC Picks - Robert Conti Junior Betting Picks Record
You have all heard about the system.
He showcases a record on the rcpicks.com website with years of historical data win, lose or draw.
The smallest $10 bettors made $912.00 in September just betting $10 a pick.
Guess what you can do betting $50,$100,$200,$500, $1000 or much much more!
So best of luck to you with whatever handicapper you used or have reviewed.
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