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Sharpest Angle in College Basketball To Start Betting

We are world renowned for being the best sports handicapping service in the world. We give handicappers and the industry a good name because we are the epitome of what a sports investment service should be. We bring you today some information and advice as to the sharpest angles in college basketball that you are currently not betting.

Parity is discussed in NCAA hoops. When a Cinderella team goes deep into the March Madness tourney you will start to hear conversations about elite college programs and the up and coming schools that are helping to even things out. It used to be dominated by a few select divisions mostly in the northeast but times have changed and that is what brings us to parity.

Double digit underdogs perform very well in conference games. Teams that are getting more than 10 points against conference opponents are 183-128-13 against the spread. This comes out to 58% of the time. So if you just bet this then you would be up a very handsome profit so far. An underdog is a sad 37-297 straight up. Not surprisingly but still just eleven percent outright wins as an underdog. When the oddsmakers are rooting against you with 10 plus points the odds are stacked against you winning straight up in the first place. So 1 out of every 11 times is not a big deal. The oddsmakers are not off in who the underdog is but rather off in how many points they are giving up. Now look at this number. The double digit underdogs are…ready? 0-9 straight up so far this season and 3-5-1 against the spread as of today.

According to our friends at an offshore sportsbook: the skill level of the players is what evens out the field. During conference play there is a downward spiral in fundamnetals that goes out the window. Players looking to up their draft status and get that big signing bonus with Drew Rosenhaus behind them while also looking for that big notable victory is what makes the difference during these games and that is something few know how to bet on. Luckily we do.

Major conferences dominate who the double digit covering underdogs. Atlantic Coast Conference as you can expect is 14-7-2 against the spread in conference games while the Big Ten conference is 14-6-1 against the spread. Southeastern Conference is 13-6 Against the spread and the underdog conferences such as Ohio Valley is 13-3 and Colonial Athletic is 10-2 against the spread.

It’s upset city time and we are ready to profit off of those upsets.