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Soccer Handicapper

Soccer handicappers in the U.S. are few and far between, but while Soccer still doesn’t get the respect from American bettors that many of the other major American sports do like Basketball, Football, and Baseball… It’s still the most popular sport around the world, as well as the most wagered on, and that’s because there’s easy money to be made in Soccer.

We cover every major Soccer league from around the world… Whether it’s MLS, Bundesliga, Football League Championship, Premier League, etc… If we can make money on it, then we have resources dedicated to handicapping it. By covering more than one league, we have the information necessary to choose amongst a greater number of plays… The more plays you have to choose from, the better odds and value we can deliver to our clients.

And we deliver like nobody else! Jon Price and his team have averaged 64% winners over the last 6 years, quickly climbing the ranks of the domestic and international soccer handicapping world. By far our most popular among International clients since we started handicapping soccer 8 years ago, but Soccer has gained ground in recent years among our American clients, and they’re seeing the longstanding potential and return on investment that our Soccer handicappers can create with our information and resources. So get in now and see what all the winning is about! Sign up now or call us to get a sample and see what our Soccer picks can do for you and your bankroll!

Euro Cup Soccer Handicapper

With our skills we help clients from London, England, Ireland, France, Italy, and Spain turn big profits with our soccer betting predictions. The Euro League is one area of expertise that we have built up a strong following across the pond and Pound for Pound we stack more Euros and British Pounds then anybody else in the world. Inquire about our soccercapper packages and see how we can turn you into William Hill and BET365’s biggest nightmare with our excellent punting skills.

Football Betting Internationally and Domestically

Clients are always eager to find arbitrage betting opportunities and to test out a new system. What we find best is wagering on what we know. We have one of the largest proprietary databases of information and statistics that we comb through and know about human emotion and psychology for sports betting. We take our skills and help individuals just like yourself make money betting on sports. We don’t flaunt our winning record all over the place because if we grow too large then the plays we give out will greatly affect the betting odds and will affect how well our clients do. There are limited opportunities for you to get in so don’t waste time while others build up their bankroll with our help.

Now is your time to capitalize on our winning soccer betting information. Jon Price and his team spare no expense in delivering only the best high quality soccer betting information to help you win your bets on a daily basis and in a big way. Money management is key when wagering large amounts of money on plays each and every night, and our team will work with you to devise a betting strategy that best fits your needs. Sign up now on our homepage and start winning your soccer betting picks tonight!