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Online Colorado Sportsbook Options 2021

Colorado has more than plenty Tribal Casinos located throughout the Rocky Mountains where residence are allowed to place wagers on sporting events. The sportsbook also has to be licensed by the state of Colorado. While betting is quickly growing in popularity in Colorado, like much of the rest of the country, offshore sportsbooks are still banned within the state’s limits. For those Colorado residence looking to bet on sports but don’t want to drive all the way to a casino, we’ve broken down some of the top online sportsbook options

1. Bodog

Always considered one of the standard setters in the online sportsbook community, Bodog should always be among your first options when searching for a new book. With fast online payouts that are in your bank account within days, Bodog provides a great all around betting service.

Whether you’re living in Colorado and looking to wager on professional baseball, or even the Korean Baseball League, Bodog gives you practically every international betting option available. Choose a side, or bet on the total, you have plenty of options to cash-in on with Bodog’s betting options.

2. Betonline

Another one of the biggest juggernauts in the online sports betting industry is BetOnline.ag. Their reputation has long been one of the best in the industry with outstanding customer support, fast and easy payouts, and great betting options for all Colorado sports bettors to choose from.

Whether you’re betting on just local or regional sports, or international sports like soccer or cricket, BetOnline has every possible betting option you could ask for. Sign up today while they’re running a 5% bitcoin match of your initial deposit. They also have plenty of other sign up bonuses available throughout the month, and change them regularly.

3. BetWay

Betway is a great choice for Colorado sports bettors looking to place their action online. Considered to be one of the most reputable and popular offshore online books on the internet, Betway is a great starter choice for those living in Colorado looking to wager.

From horse racing to e-sports to practically every international betting sport in the world, Betway has every possible betting option you can dream of. Wager on a teaser or parlay, a side or total pick, or even a more specific prop bet… Betway has every aspect of sports betting covered and gives you plenty of options for cashing in on sports year-round.


With some of the best sign up bonuses in all of line sports betting, BetNow should be one of your top choices for Colorado sports bettors looking to place their wagers online. They’re currently running a 100% deposit match of your initial sign up deposit. Anytime that you can get a 100% match of your deposit, that’s a deal you should take advantage of.

They also offer horse racing options, e-sports, as well as all of your typical casino games like Blackjack and various forms of Poker. Great sign up bonuses, top notch customer support with Live Chat options, as well as fast and easy weekly payouts are just a few of the reasons that BetNow is considered one of the absolute top choices for Colorado sports bettors.

5. BetUs

E-sports is quickly becoming one of the most heavily wagered on sports in all of the world, so many Colorado residence are looking for online e-sports betting options…. Look no further than BetUs. One of the best online books in the world, BetUs has been around since the earliest days of the online sports betting movement.

With 25 years in the industry being one of the best online sportsbooks available, BetUs is arguably the most popular sportsbook in all of the United States. Great, fast, easy payouts as well as some of the best customer service available, you have practically every betting option known at your finger tips in BetUs’ easy to navigate betting interface. When you’re done betting on sports or horse racing, they also have plenty of other online gaming options for Colorado residence.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

We combed through hundreds of online sportsbook options that we felt were specifically great for COlorado residence. We spared no expense in our pursuit of coming up with online the absolute best options for our Colorado sports bettors. Below we took a closer look at some of the criteria we used to rank our top online sportsbook choices for Colorado residence.

Easy Payouts

It should never be hard to get your funds from your online sportsbook account, but unfortunately for many online sportsbooks, that’s definitely the case. That’s why we ranked all of our online sportsbook suggestions based on how fast and easy it is to get out your winnings, and also how long it takes to receive those winnings in your account.

Number of Betting Options

Everyone knows that the more betting options you have, the better you’re able to tilt the odds in your favor of winning. Every sportsbook we suggested for Colorado residence is considered to have every major sports betting league available, as well as every type of wager from side to total to prop bets, and everything in between.

Great Customer Support

Customer support is often overlooked when searching for a new sportsbook, but seeing how much trouble some people have wagering on international sports, it should be one of your top priorities when selecting a new sportsbook to wager with.

Ready to Get Started?

You’ve read the reviews, checked out the pros and cons, so now it’s time to place your first wager. Sign up for one, or even all of our above suggests for Colorado Sports bettors. Shop around for the best current sign up bonus, or even sign up for multiple accounts to spread out your action and reap multiple sign up bonuses. Once you’re settled into your new sportsbook and ready to start winning, come back to SportsInformationTraders.com for all of your winning sports betting information.