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Online Connecticut Sportsbook Options 2021

Sports betting in Connecticut has been legal since 2017, but there’s still a long ways to go as far as local betting options within the state limits. While there may not be legalized sportsbook casino options for Connecticut sports bettors, there’s practically limitless online sportsbook betting options to choose from. We analyzed some of the absolute top online sportsbook choices for Connecticut residence that fit their specific needs and are highly recommended by our team.

1. Bodog

No stranger to the top spot of the sportsbook rankings, Bodog is one of the best choices for sports bettors living in Connecticut. They offer as many international betting options as any online book and they also feature live dealer poker games and other traditional casino games. Whether you’re looking to wager on sports or horses or play some of the casino games, Bodog has something for every Connecticut sports bettor.

Fast and easy payouts are one of the best perks of Bodog, but they also provide world class customer service for their clients. Unlimited betting options, practically every International sports league betting option that you could ask for, a variety of sign up bonuses and promo specials, as well as a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface experience are just a few of the reasons Bodog should be highly considered for Connecticut sports bettors looking for a new place to wager.

2. Betonline

If you’ve ever placed a wager online, then chances are you’ve heard of Betonline.ag. They’re one of the mainstays in the online sportsbook industry and have been around since the earliest days of the sportsbook boom in the early 2000’s. A lot has changed over the last 20 years but not their quality of service and betting options. For Connecticut residence, Betonline should absolutely be one of the first options you consider.

Betonline does regular sign up bonuses including extra bonuses for Bitcoin deposits. Currently they’re running more than a few special promos, including a Bitcoin 5% Boost Bonus for new clients. These specials change by the week and sometimes even by the day, but there’s always very good options to choose from for new prospective Connecticut sports bettors. Definitely give it a long look the next time you’re in Connecticut and looking for a place to bet on sports.

3. BetWay

E-sports is one of the latest crazes in the world of online sports betting. It originally gained popularity in Japan but has recently exploded in popularity worldwide and more millennials get into the online sports betting. Betway is one of the few online sportsbook options that allows for e-sports wagering, along with all of your other typical sports betting options. From Japanese baseball to American Football and European Soccer, Connecticut bettors have plenty of options to cash-in when betting on Betway.

Not only do they have some great betting options like horse racing and e-sports, but they also feature a number of traditional casino games like poker and Blackjack. There’s no shortage of options to cash-in on when using Betway, and they also have some stellar weekly promotional offers to get their new clients rolling. Checkout their sportsbook today and the limitless options from side and total picks to various prop bets and everything in between.


Betnow has always been a favorite among Connecticut sports bettors, as well as the rest of the world, considering they’re one of the largest online betting sites on the internet. They also probably have the single best sign up bonuses for new customers, as exemplified by their current offer where they’ll match your initial deposit by 100%. That instantly doubles the betting bankroll you have to work with.

Along with Betweay, Betnow is another one of the few sportsbooks that takes betting action on e-sports. They also have all the typical casino games from Blackjack to poker and 7-card stud, along with some less popular and more eccentric betting options. It’s fast and easy to sign up and after getting your 100% sign up bonus you can be wagering on sports within minutes.

5. BetUs

For over 25 years BetUs has been providing online sports betting options for the entire world. They’ve grown over the decades to be arguably the biggest sportsbook in all of the internet and their betting options are a good reason why. They have practically every major sports betting league from around the world and offer their customers infinite ways to cash in on sports year round.

Connecticut have long-used the BetUs platform to place their sports wagers, but it’s only grown more in popularity since 2017 when Connecticut eased its statewide sports betting ban. They offer weekly promotional offers aimed at new customers and have some of the absolute best customer service in all of the online sports gaming industry. Give them plenty of consideration when shopping around for a new sportsbook to place wagers with.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

We looked through countless online sportsbook options specifically tailored towards Connecticut sports bettors’ needs. After analyzing every possible online option, we came up with a list of only the absolute BEST top 5 online sportsbooks for you to place wagers with. Below are some of the criteria we analyzed when deciding on our rankings and which books would best fit Connecticut sports bettors.

No Hassle Payouts

You’d be surprised how hard it can be to get your winnings out of online sportsbooks sometimes. But not from the selections on our list. We chose only the best sportsbooks with fast, easy, no hassle payouts. You can always count on your funds being available within one week of initiating your withdraw.

Betting Options

To be a successful sports bettor you need to have options to choose from. Whether it’s the number of international sporting leagues you have to choose from or simply the number of types of wagers you can place, such as side, total, prop, teasers, parlays, etc. Our list contains sportsbooks that offer every possible betting option a Connecticut sports bettor could ask for.

Great Customer Support

Customer service should always be a top requirement when looking for a new book to work with. A lot of online sportsbooks are located overseas, which can make the customer support difficult to deal with, but the options we’ve provided for our Connecticut players have some of the best and reputable online customer support available. Many even offer Live Chat options for those who are unable to call in.

Ready to Get Started?

You’ve seen our list, gotten the scoop on all of the best online betting options for Connecticut residence, now’s the time to start betting. Sign up with one, or multiple sportsbooks above, checkout and compare their sign up bonuses to best capitalize on your initial betting deposit. Once you’re signed up and ready to go with your new online sportsbooks come back to our team at SIT for all your winning sports information.