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Online Delaware Sportsbook Options 2021

Delaware is probably the most liberal sports betting state in all of the country, as it fully legalized sports betting across the board once the Supreme Court ended the Federal ban on online casinos and sports betting a few years ago. Not only are Delaware sports bettors allowed to travel to any local casino to place a sports wager at their sportbook, but they also have all of the online sportsbook betting options, as well, to choose from. Below you’ll find a list of some of our top online choices for Delaware residence looking for a new place to bet online.

1. BetUs

Arguably the longest tenured online sportsbooks, BetUs seems like it’s been around since before the start of the internet. With over 25 years of service to back it up, BetUs is always a safe bet for Delaware sports bettors looking for the convenience of placing their sports wagers online without ever having to leave home. While it may be tempting to travel to one of your local casinos to place your bets, you’d be missing out on some of the great sign up bonuses online books like BetUs offer.

Not only do they offer some amazing sign up bonuses but they also have every possible sporting league known to man. From horse racing, to international cricket, soccer, football, and even e-sports… BetUs really has every angle of online sports betting covered for Delaware residence looking to make some money on sports.

2. BetNow

Another top choice for Delaware sports bettors to consider is none other than BetNow. Regularly ranked towards the top for their leading weekly promo offers that change often, BetNow is also one of the most reputable and recognized online sportsbooks in all of the internet. Fast and easy sign up, with a number of betting options for Delaware customers, it’s easy to see why BetNow is one of the best of the best.

Their current sign up special of a 100% match on your first betting deposit is one of the best available promos of all internet sportsbooks. Whenever you come across a 100% deposit match, that’s an opportunity you have to take advantage of. Instantly double the bankroll your working with, giving you more ammunition to cash-in on your wagers.

3. Bodog

Live dealers, casino games, and of course, plenty of sports betting options are why Bodog is always tough to beat when it comes to online sportsbook options for Delaware sports bettors. They pride themselves on offering every single international sports betting option available around the world. They also offer some of the more obscure, lesser-known sports from foreign countries, if you’re looking to bet on some interesting spectacles.

Never a shortage of betting options at Bodog, as they give you every possible betting option to capitalize on in your wagers. From teaser plays and parlays, to more typical straight bets and totals wagers, Bodog always gives you everything you need to be a successful online sports bettor. They also have weekly sign up specials for new customers to take advantage of.

4. MyBookie

A very straight-forward and easy to navigate online sportsbook, MyBookie is easily one of the best choices for Delaware residence looking to bet on sports. They offer all of your typical betting options but also offer their customers horse racing, live betting options, as well as casino games like 7-card stud, Omaha, Poker, and Blackjack.

While they don’t currently offer e-sports betting, they pretty much offer every single other betting option for their players. They have odds available from every international sporting league from Korean and Cuban baseball to Rugby and Cricket. You never have to look too far on MyBookie to find good betting odds to choose from for your wagers.

5. BetWay

We’ve mentioned before, if you ever see a 100% match sign up bonus promotion, that’s a special deal that Delaware sports bettors need to take advantage of. While another option on our list also offered the 100% deposit match, the thing that sets Betway a little bit behind is the fact that they cap their 100% match on up to only $250. For many bettors, that’s not a very large wager, and may not seem worth it, but they more than make up for it with their betting options and amazing customer support.

They offer every sports betting option, including e-sports, which is exploding in popularity every year. Many Delaware players are looking for a place to bet on their favorite e-sports team, well Betway is among the absolute best options. They also have all of your other typical league options from horse racing and every international sport.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

We consider a number of factors when coming up with the rankings for our best online sportsbooks for Delaware residence. We consider their overall reputation, the user-interface experience, betting options and available leagues, as well as customer support and the quality of their weekly promotional sign up offers.

Fast Payouts

Some less than reputable sportsbooks like to hold your winnings as long as they can, hoping that as long as the money is in your account then hopefully you’ll wager with it more and lose. We deal with strictly the best and most reputable online sportsbook options for our Delaware sports bettors, and you can expect fast and easy payouts once you’ve initiated a withdraw.

Betting Options

Every Delaware sports bettor loves betting options. Whether you like to bet on a team or totals, or even prop bets only, a plethora of betting options is a must for our clients. Every option we provided allows you to place every type of wager from straight bets and totals, and they also give access to practically every international sporting league in the world.

Great Customer Support

The lost art of customer service is not something that goes unappreciated by our team. We grade our options very sternly when it comes to their customer support options. We select only the best and most reputable support from international sportsbooks, and anything less than stellar is disregarded.

Ready to Get Started?

Delaware residence have had no trouble placing sports wagers for years now, but with this list you now can compare and shop around your options when in the market for your next online sportsbook. Sports betting is becoming more and more mainstream each and every year, and now is the time to join, instead of getting left behind. Start cashing in on sports today by signing up for one or several of our top ranked online sportsbook options above.