Sports Betting Maine – Online Maine Sports Betting Options 2021

Despite regular and persistent attempts to fully legalize in-person sports betting in the state of Maine over recent years, currently the statewide ban is still in place. However, it seems like only a matter of time before legislatures finally get it through and the ban will eventually be fully lifted. Until then, Maine sports bettors are still able to wager on offshore and online sportsbook websites. Our team put together a list of the top 5 online sportbook choices that we think are the best choices specifically for Maine residence. Checkout our list below of top online sportsbook for Maine residence in 2021.

1. Bovada

Canada’s best online sportsbook, Bovada, is also the best choice for Maine sports bettors. With their various betting options they also offer customer various other features such as a live dear, casino games, poker, and horse racing options. In addition to their vast betting options and extra features they also have great weekly sign up promotions for new customers, as well as reload bonuses for returning customers making a new deposit. They update their promos weekly and you can always expect to find something special to entice new customers.

They have all the features and betting options a Maine sports bettor could ever ask for, but that’s simply not enough to land it on our top spot. They also have amazing customer service, which one would come to expect from a Canadian owned service. They also have various support options from phone, email, and live chat options for customers.

2. BetUs

One of the oldest and most reputable online sportsbook options for Maine sports bettors is BetUs. With an office located in San Jose, CA. One of the very few to have representation in the US, they also have offices in Costa Rica and Canada. They’ve been around for over 25 years and have built a reputation for quality and reliability over the last 2+ decades. 

One of the most reputable and respected online services, BetUs also has all the betting options a Main bettor could ever hope for. They have a horse race book, live dealer and casino games, as well as e-sports betting. They also offer all of the major international sports betting markets from around the globe and give various betting options from parlays to teasers and everything in between.

Having an office located in the US also helps a great in terms of quality of customer support. So many other services outsource their support or have overseas client services so communication can sometimes be difficult with some others on our list, but that’s never a problem with BetUs and their superb all around customer support.

3. MyBookie

Arguably the most popular online sportsbook in all of the EU currently, MyBookie is still growing its customer basis over the in the US, but it’s doing so at a very rapid pace. One of the best options for Maine sports bettors with some of the best intro sign up specials in all of the online gambling industry. Their outstanding promotional bonuses are some of the best of the best online and they always introduce new weekly deals to keep up with the fast paced sports gambling world. Consistently rated among the best intro specials in all of the online gambling market, your money always gets you a little bit extra when depositing with MyBookie. The intro sign up special they’re running now, with $1,000 bonus when you make your first deposit is worthy a look.

They also give their customers access to wager on other less popular international sports like cricket, European soccer, and Australian rugby. For those Maine sports bettors more so interested in wagering on the horse tracks, MyBookie also features a full horse betting lounge where you can place your bets for the track without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

4. BetNow

BetNow is another one of those online sportsbooks that’s already made its name overseas, and is now spreading its wings to the North American shores. Their main offices are still in the EU, but considering their fast paced growth into the states over the last 10 years, they better start thinking of plans to expand to keep up with demand. Just like BetUs and a few others, BetNow has one of the best and easy to use interfaces in all of the online sports betting industry for you to place your daily sports wagers.

Simple payout options for their customers as well as solid customer service are two of the reasons that make BetNow one of the best overall choices for Maine sports bettors in the market for a new sportsbook. Lots of offshore online books make it difficult for their players to withdraw their funds and often give them the run around in hopes that they’ll continue to bet and eventually lose. That’s not true for any of the top services on our list, and especially not BetNow, which is always a great choice for Main bettors.

5. BetOnline

Since 2004, BetOnline has been setting the standard in consistency and reputation in the online sports gambling network. From day one they’ve always given their customers full access to practically every major International sporting league from around the globe, and they couple that with every betting option a player could hope for in order to take advantage of all these games.

In addition to getting access to virtually every sports betting market around the world they also offer a plethora of other extra features like casino games, live dealers for blackjack and poker, as well as e-sports wagering, which has quickly spread around the world as the latest and biggest thing to bet on.

Besides their awesome e-sports betting feature, they also have a horse racing lounge for their customers that like to bet on the horses, as well. Great all around customer service, solid weekly sign up offers for new customers and every betting option a Maine sports bettor could ever ask for are why BetOnline rounds out our top 5 for Maine residence.

How Do We Rank Our Sportsbooks?

There’s practically thousands of online sportsbooks for Main residence to choose from when shopping around for a new place to place their daily sports wagers. That’s why our team has taken the time to come up with the list of only the top 5 choices for Maine sports bettors to choose from. We grade our top choices on everything from customer service to the ease of payouts and their weekly promotional offers. Below is a more descriptive breakdown on the criteria we look for when putting together our list for the top online sportsbook options for Maine sports bettors.

1. Fast and Easy Payouts

Getting your winnings out of an online offshore sportsbook shouldn’t be difficult, but unfortunately for some of the less than reputable online services, it’s always a runaround to get out your money. Our top 5 choices for Maine residence always have easy and fast payouts for their customers. After you’ve initiated a withdraw, you can expect to have your earnings show up in your bank account within a week to 10 days tops.

2. Number of Betting Options

Whether you like betting on only your local or regional sports teams, or if you prefer International sports leagues across the world, our top 5 choices have something for everyone. They give access to practically every major betting market in the world. In the global sports betting market where there’s sports happening 24 hours a day 365 days a year, there’s no reason that players shouldn’t get access to every betting option possible. Our top 5 choices have among the best betting options in all of the online sports gambling and sportsbook industry.

3. Customer Service

It’s inevitable that you’ll have questions eventually when working with your online sportsbook. And so considering this, it’s extra important to find a sportsbook with great customer support for their players. All of our top selections have 24 hour support options and you can even call in by phone or choose to do online live chat with a representative.

Ready to Wager?

Alright Maine sports bettors, you’ve taken the time to go through our list and hopefully you’ve checked out what makes each of our sportsbooks worthy of being on our top 5 list. Now it’s time to make a decision and sign up to start making wagers. Choose to sign up with one or a few of them, or even sign up with all 5 to see which best fits your style of play and overall needs. Once you’ve settled on a choice or a few of them and you’re finally ready to start placing your sports bets, be sure to come back to our team here at for all of your winning sports information against the spread.

Comparing the Top 3 Maine Online Sports Betting Sites

Years in Service?10275
Sign Up Bonus?50% up to $250100% up to $2,500100% up to $250
Reload Bonus?N/A150% up to $7,50025% up to $500
In-Play Betting?YesYesYes
Online Casino?YesYesYes
Phone Support?YesYesYes
Live Chat?YesYesYes

What Areas of Maine Wager on Sports the Most?

According to the Google Trends for sports betting searches in the state of Maine over the last year were centralized to Bangor, with Portland and Auburn is a distant second and third.

Based on the Google Trends, here’s a list of the Top 3 areas in Maine with the most sports betting interest over the last 5 years:

  1. Bangor
  2. Portland-Auburn

Where to Bet on Sports in Maine

Several attempts have been made by state legislatures to legalize sports betting in the state of Maine, and while there’s even some current measures being tried through congress, it’s still illegal as of today. Also unfortunately for Maine sports bettors, all three of the closest states are all either illegal states, or only state-sanctioned app approved for betting, so your options are limited. Your closest option would be driving to New York, in the northeast of the state in Granville.

Out of State Options

New Hampshire

Currently no legal, in-person sports betting locations.


No current sports betting retail locations.

Closest Option – New York

Granville, NY – Slate Valley Lanes

Directions from Miami, FL:

1. Get on I-295 S/US-1 S from Elm St

2. Take I-95 S, NH-101 W and I-89 N to US-4 W in Hartford. Take exit 1 from I-89 N

3. Get on US-4 W in West Rutland

4. Follow US-4 W to Dutton Ave in Fair Haven. Take exit 3 from US-4 W

5. Take NY-22A S to your destination in Middle Granville

Professional Sports Teams in Maine

Due to its small population and size, Maine has no professional sports teams.

Popular Maine College Team(s)

• Maine Black Bears

Top Washington College Team’s Average Attendance

• Maine Black Bears – FootballAlfond Stadium6,378

Maine – Frequently Asked Questions

Maine has been one of the more persistent states with repeated attempts to legalize sports gambling. It only seems like a matter of time until it passes, but currently, you still can't wager in-person in Maine.
Yes! Even though you still can't place a bet in person at a sportsbook or casino, you're still allowed to legally wager using ofshore online sportbooks.
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