Sports Betting Oklahoma – Online Oklahoma Sports Betting Options 2021

Oklahoma has somewhat confusing sports betting laws, as they currently have no laws against domestic in-person sports betting, but they also have a limited number of available options for locals to place their wagers. The local Tribal casino owners and legislators have been at odds to settle the dispute but with no current resolution in place. Since a lot of the state still prohibits in-person sports wagering, we put together a list for some of the top online sportsbook services available for Oklahoma sports bettors to specifically fit their needs and style of play.

1. BetUs

The best book for Oklahoma residence to wager on is one of the most popular in the country, BetUs. One of the few online services with an actual office located in the US, BetUs has localized support and a flawless track record over the years of providing nothing but the best for their clients.

Highly reputable reputation as well as access to all of the major betting markets around the world, plus top notch customer support options are what gets BetUs at our top spot for Oklahoma bettors. Whether you live too far from the tribal casinos or if you simple prefer to place your action and enjoy the games from home, then BetUs should be one of your top choices.

With over 25 years in the industry, BetUs has the longstanding flawless reputation that customers should be looking for when in the market for a new book. A perfect customer satisfaction rating and a smooth, clean interface for users take the work out of placing your daily wagers online.

2. BetNow

One of the overseas sportsbooks that’s making its presence felt here in the states in recent years is BetNow. In part thanks to their industry lading sign up bonus with that current 100% bonus match promo they have available fort new customers. That kind of 100% bonus match is as good of an offer as you’ll find on any on our list currently. Instantly get more for your money when you sign up with BetNow during their 100% bonus deal.

BetNow prides itself on being one of the easiest to navigate and use online betting platforms. Their use interface experience is very easy to use and intuitive for even the most novice of online sports bettors. Combine their great interface with limitless betting options, extra features such as casino games with live dealers, as well as their 100% sign up bonus match and it’s easy to see how BetNow lands at our second spot overall for Oklahoma sports bettors in need of a new online book.

3. Bodog

Bodog has been in service for well over 20 years, but with most of that time coming as one of the biggest online casino platforms on the internet back in the 90s. Bodog used to be the standard setter in online poker back in the day when poker was on ESPN and exploding in popularity. However, after the poker craze settled, Bodog had to adapt to stay ahead of the competition, and that’s exactly what they did as they transitioned into a leading online sportsbook service.

They still offer all of the typical casino card games that their fans have come to expect of them, but they also have a plethora of sports betting options and access to all of the International global betting markets to give you worldwide access to the various sports leagues.

Still one of the biggest betting communities on the internet, Bodog is one of the top choices in several categories and has established its name towards the top of our best online sportsbook options specifically for Oklahoma sports bettors.

4. MyBookie

Similar to BetNow and Betway, MyBookie is another juggernaut service in the EU that’s recently began spreading its service across the pond and into the US. Also similar to another service on our list, BetNow, MyBookie is another quality service that takes pride in having a clean and easy to use user betting interface experience that’s by far among the simplest to use in the business and allows their clients to effortlessly place their daily wagers.

They also offer a wide variety of betting options and markets available for their clients to work with. Enabling them access to all of the biggest sports betting leagues from around the globe, as well as offering plenty of extra features like live dealer casino games, live betting options, as well as a horse racing lounge for clients.

5. BetWay

Began over in Malta in 2006, BetWay is another one of our International sportsbook options for Oklahoma bettors that should be high on your list when looking for a new online book. Never short on betting options and features for their players, they give their players every type of bet and betting tool combined with access to some of the largest and most important betting markets from every corner of the globe.

In addition to their exceptional betting tools and options for players, as well as giving customers access to betting markets all over the world, they also have traditional casino card games like Poker and Hold Em, a horse racing sportsbook for all you Oklahoma horse racing bettors, and they also accept bets for E-sports leagues.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

Our team looked through hundreds of online sportsbook options to come up with the best 5 for our Oklahoma sports bettors in need of a new book. We graded each on a variety of criteria including their weekly promos, their payout and withdraw policies, their overall customer satisfaction and support, as well as their interface and the number of betting options they give to their clients.

No Hassle Payouts

You should never have to wait two weeks for your money to withdraw and hit your account. So many shady services still play games with your withdraw requests, making it increasingly difficult to get your money out of your account. However, all of our top 5 choices for Oklahoma sports bettors have a strict hassle free withdraw policy that ensures you get your money within 710 days tops.

Betting Options

Betting options are absolutely critical to a bettor’s success. You may be able to find a team at -115 odds rto win on one market, but another market has them at +115, giving you much bigger bang for your buck and in turn, much more profits. Never choose a book that limits your betting options or the number of markets they give you access to. All 5 of our top choices for Oklahoma residence offer all exceptional betting options and access to International betting markets.

Great Customer Support

All of our top 5 choices for Oklahoma residence also have some of the best online customer service on the all of the web. All of them allow their customers a variety of ways to contact them, whether it be by phone or online with live chat, or by submitting an email ticket, these services are all outstanding at what they do.

Ready to Get Started?

Ok Oklahoma bettors, you’ve checked out our list and seen what each has to offer, now it’s time to start winning on your new sportsbook. Sign up with a few of our top choices and checkout their user interfaces as well as their various intro bonus offers. Find the one that best fits your style of play and needs, or even sign up for multiple online books in order to better spread out your action, but once you’re signed up and ready to start placing your daily wagers, come back to our experts here at SIT for all of our winning sports information.

Comparing the Top 3 Oklahoma Online Sports Betting Sites

Years in Service?27527
Sign Up Bonus?100% up to $2,500100% up to $1,000100% up to $250
Reload Bonus?150% up to $7,50025% up to $1,00025% up to $500
In-Play Betting?YesYesYes
Online Casino?YesYesYes
Phone Support?YesYesYes
Live Chat?YesYesYes

What Areas of Oklahoma Wager on Sports the Most?

According to the Google Trends for sports betting searches in the state of Oklahoma over the last year are mostly focused in Oklahoma City, the largest city in the state. Then Wichita Falls TX, Lawton, Tulsa, and Sherman TX.

Based on the Google Trends, here’s a list of the Top 5 areas in Oklahoma with the most sports betting interest over the last 5 years:

  1. Oklahoma City
  2. Tulsa
  3. Sherman TX
  4. Wichita Falls
  5. Ft. Smith AR

Where to Bet on Sports in Oklahoma

While much of the state still has a ban in place for retail sports betting, there are still a few tribal casino options particularly located around the Oklahoma City area. Below are a few of the respected local choices.

• Riverwind Casino• Henry Hudson’s Pub
• Heritage Place• The Biltmore

Out of State Options

So much of the state’s legal betting action is focused around central Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City area that some of the outer residents in the state have closer options across state lines. Below we’ll take a look at what some of the surrounding states have to offer for Oklahoma sports bettors.


No legal sports betting within state limits.


No legal in-person sports betting options.


To the east of Oklahoma, Arkansas has a few legal retail in-person sports betting locations for people to wager at. There’s options on both east and west ends of the state, and the one in Hot Springs is obviously much closer.

Hot Springs, AR – Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort

Directions from Oklahoma City, OK:

1. Get on I-40 E from Oklahoma City Blvd

2. Follow I-40 E to US-64 E/W Ray Fine Blvd in Sequoyah County. Take exit 325 from I-40 E

3. Take US-71 S and US-270 E to Central Ave in Hot Springs

New Mexico

Another state with a number of legal sports betting options is New Mexico, to the west. They share a very small border with Oklahoma, but most of the state’s sports betting is located further west. However, there is one major betting spot on the east border of New Mexico that’s certainly closest for Oklahomans.

Clovis, NM – La Posada del Llano

Directions from Oklahoma City, OK:

1. Take Oklahoma City Blvd to I-40 W

2. Follow I-40 W to S U.S. 87 in Randall County

3. Take U.s. 60 Hwy and NM-77 W to your destination in Clovis

Professional Sports Teams in Oklahoma

• Oklahoma City Thunder – NBA

Popular Oklahoma College Teams

• Oklahoma Sooners• Oklahoma State Cowboys
• Oral Roberts Golden Eagles• Tulsa Golden Hurricanes

Top Oklahoma Professional Team’s Average Attendance

• Oklahoma City Thunder – NBAChesapeake Energy Arena18,203

Top Oklahoma College Team’s Average Attendance

• Oklahoma Sooners – FootballGaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium83,256
• Oklahoma State Cowboys – FootballBoone Pickens Stadium54,817
• Oral Roberts Golden Eagles – BasketballMabee Center2,398
• Tulsa Golden Hurricanes – FootballSkelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium18,741

Oklahoma – Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot currently wager on sports in person throughout the state of Oklahoma. The state has not even introduced any notable legislation as of mid-2021.
Yes! While you can't wager on sports in person at casino sportsbooks, you can still get your fill and take advantage of the various state approved online sportsbook options.
By far the most popular sports team in the state is the Oklahoma City Thunder from the NBA. After some very solid years lead by players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the team has grown and retained huge following throughout the state of Oklahoma.
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