Sports Betting Virginia – Online Virginia Sports Betting Options 2021

As of April 2019, sports betting is fully legal in the state of Virginia. While the state has fully legalized state-sanctioned sports betting, the rollout of their legal retail casinos and sportsbooks has still been slow to develop and they hope to be operating by end of 2021. Virginia sports bettors are lucky to have convenient close to home casinos with sportsbooks coming soon to their area, but some Virginia residents will still prefer wagering from online and the comforts of home. For those bettors, we took a look at some of the best online options available to them and the rest of our Virginia-based sports bettors.

1. BetUs

The only online sportsbook that’s licensed in most of the US and available to most US residence is also our top choice for Virginia bettors… BetUs. With an office located right here at home in the United States, BetUa is the most local online option for Virginia sports bettors. One of the oldest services in existence, BetUs has been around for over 25 years, and they’ve sustained a long track record of high quality service throughout that time.

It’s obviously rare for online betting services to have headquarters here in the states, but with an actual office located in San Jose, California, BetUs has some of the best and most Americanized customer support you’ll find on the internet. They give their clients a number of different ways to contact them from ticket email, phone, and online live chat.

An exceptional reputation, great sign up promos for new clients, and an easy to navigate betting platform for clients, BetUs should always get a lot of consideration for Virginia bettors in the market for a new online place to place their wagers.

2. BetNow

At our number two spot for Virginia residence is an online service with already an impressive worldwide following, but is still growing here in the US… BetNow. BetNow lands at number two on our list for their awesome online betting interface, arguably the best in the business, that takes away all the hard work from placing your daily sports action. BetNow makes it a breeze to quickly place your bets, choose from the variety of types of bets and betting options, and boom… You’re ready to go.

On top of being very intuitive to figure out and use, BetNow also has extra features like a fully operational online horse racing book and a variety of casino games from Poker and 7 Card Stud to Omaha and Hold Em, they have something for every Virginia bettor.

On top of having one of the best interfaces in the online gaming industry as well as a horse book and casino, they also have one of the best sign up specials of any of our online services currently. Their current special of 100% sign up bonus match is the best of the best. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that any 100% match deal is one that should be taken advantage of to double up your betting power.

3. Bodog

The popular online casino and poker room from the mid-90s is now one of the biggest and best online betting services in the world. Around for over 20 years, Bodog is one of the most reputable and highest quality online books for those Virginia bettors in need of a new online service.

While they still have all of the great online casino games and poker room that brought them their original acclaim two decades ago, they now also have one of the best sportbsooks on the internet. They have an international presence, giving their clients full reign to all of the global betting markets as well as all the major sporting leagues from every corner of Earth. Exceptional customer support, awesome online casino options with a horse book to boot, Bodog is very deserving of the 3rd spot on our list for Virginia residence.

4. MyBookie

Another book with an established international presence that’s still growing its customer-base here in the states in MyBookie. Like Betnow, they have one of the best online betting interfaces in the game, making it simple for players to place their daily betting action. They also have some outstanding sign up bonuses for new clients to get the most out of their first deposit. Their current offer of a bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit is a solid deal for anyone looking to get started.

Given their global presence already, of course they have all of the major betting markets for their clients to play with, as well as all the betting tools and options Virginia sports bettors could ever need to be winners. Combine that with some exceptional online support and phone support for customers and MyBookie is a solid choice at number 4 on our list for Virginia.

5. BetWay

An offshore book located in Malta, the international Mecca of sports betting, BetWay was started back in 2006 and has established itself as a force in the industry over the last few years. Another book with an international presence, BetWay has all of the sports leagues from around the world for its clients as well as all of the major betting markets.

On top of their outstanding and global betting tools and options, and granting customers full access to the major betting markets in the world, they also have a great online casino with various card and casino games for their clients to enjoy. Plenty of extra bells and whistles to keep you distracted outside of their sports betting service, something for every Virginia resident looking to wager on more than just sports.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

There’s hundreds of online sportsbook options for Virginia sports bettors looking for a new book to use. That’s why our team came up with a list of the best of the best recommendations that are custom picked specifically for Virginia residence. While many Virginia bettors are able to simply drive to their local retail betting location, those locations don’t come with extra perks that wagering with an online book does. So we’ve graded each of our books on a set of criteria and ranked them in order of preference for Virginia bettors.

No Hassle Payouts

It should never be an adventure to get your money out of your account from an online sportsbook, but it usually is. So many companies, even some of the reputable ones will try shady tactics to delay withdraws and do whatever it takes to stall you from getting your winnings. It’s a well known shady side of the online gaming industry but you won’t find those shady tactics in any of our top 5 choices above.

Betting Options

Betting options are one of the most important features a sports betting service could have. After all, it’s the betting options that enable a player to tilt the odds in his or her favor and to profit consistently. For this reason, all of our top 5 options for Virginia residence have all of the standard betting markets and more. They also offer their Virginia clients every type of wager including parlays and teasers to work with.

Great Customer Support

All of our top 5 choices for Virginia sports bettors also have among the highest regarded online customer support on the net. All of them give their clients a few different ways to contact them, whether it be instantly by phone or live chat, or by email, these services exemplify what we considered outstanding customer service and support.

Ready to Get Started?

Ok Virginia, you’ve checked out our list and compared the various top options, now it’s time to get started using your new online sportsbook. Sign up with a few of them and checkout their user experiences as well as their current sign up bonus offers. Find the one that best fits your needs, or even sign up for multiple to spread out your action, but once you’re locked in and ready to start winning your bets, come back to our experts here at SIT for all of our winning sports information.

Comparing the Top 3 Virginia Online Sports Betting Sites

Years in Service?27527
Sign Up Bonus?100% up to $2,500100% up to $1,000100% up to $250
Reload Bonus?150% up to $7,50025% up to $1,00025% up to $500
In-Play Betting?YesYesYes
Online Casino?YesYesYes
Phone Support?YesYesYes
Live Chat?YesYesYes

What Areas of Virginia Wager on Sports the Most?

According to the Google Trends for sports betting searches in the state of Virginia over the last year are mostly spread between Richmond and Norfolk. With Harrisonburg then Roanoke, and Charlottesville rounding out the top 5 slots.

Based on the Google Trends, here’s a list of the Top 5 areas in Virginia with the most sports betting interest over the last 5 years:

  1. Charlottesville
  2. Richmond
  3. Harrisonburg
  4. Norfolk
  5. Roanoke

Where to Bet on Sports in Virginia

While sports betting is legal under Virginia state law, the program with retail sportsbook and casino locations has been slow to debut since 2019 when legislation was started. For those Virginia sports bettors who don’t feel like waiting for their own local casinos and don’t mind making the drive out of state, here’s a breakdown of the surrounding state’s sports betting laws.

Out of State Options


Similar to Virginia, Maryland has passed a law legalizing sports betting at retail locations, but those locations likely won’t be available until late 2021.


While they do have state-sanctioned sports betting options available to their residents, it’s only app-based and there’s currently no in-person sports wagering in the state.


Currently sports betting is illegal under Kentucky state law.

North Carolina

North Carolina doesn’t have many legal sports betting options but it does have a few. Unfortunately for Virginia bettors, it’s not a short drive from home. The closest location is in southwest North Carolina, a place called The Book at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel.

Gulfport, MS – The Book at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel

Directions from Norfolk, VA:

1. Get on I-264 W from E Freemason St and St Pauls Blvd

2. Follow I-264 W and US-13 S to US-58 W in Suffolk

3. Get on I-85 S in South Hill

4. Follow I-85 S and I-40 W to US-19 S/Dellwood Rd in Lake Junaluska. Take exit 103 from US-74 W

Professional Sports Teams in Virginia

Due to its small size and population, Virginia currently has no professional sports teams in their state.

Popular Virginia College Teams

• Virginia Cavaliers• Richmond Spiders
• Norfolk State Spartans• William & Mary Tribe

Top Virginia College Team’s Average Attendance

• Virginia CavaliersScott Stadium47,811
• Richmond SpidersE. Claiborne Robins Stadium45,205
• Norfolk State SpartansWilliam “Dick” Price Stadium56,480
• William & Mary TribeZable Stadium51,730

Virginia – Frequently Asked Questions

Virginia is another state that's legalized sports betting within the state, but the program has been slow to open retail sportsbook locations. They hope to have retail establishments by end of 2021.
Yes! While you wait to place your bets in person, you can currently bet on sports using approved online sportsbooks.
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