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West Virginia

Sports Betting West Virginia – Online West Virginia Sports Betting Options 2021

West Virginia is another state that’s ahead of the rest of the country in terms of the sports betting laws. Currently it’s legal to wager on sports within West Virginia state limits at any number of their local casinos, and you’re also able to place your action online at any online sportsbook. While West Virginians have plenty of local retail options for them to go and place their wagers, we put together a list of some of the more convenient online sports betting platform options for our West Virginia bettors in need of a new online sportsbook.

1. BetUs

The only online betting service that’s licensed to operate in all 50 US states is also our number one choice for West Virginia sports bettors…. BetUs has been serving the online sports betting community for over 25 years in the industry and they’ve done in by setting a standard that few other online betting services meet.

With offices located in Costa Rice, Canada, and even one here in the continental US in San Jose, California, BetUs has some of the most local and friendly online customer support in the business. So many online services outsource their support to call centers, which is the last thing you want to deal with when you have a problem with an online sportsbook.

They also have plenty of extra features to set them apart from the rest with a full online casino with card games, as well as E-sports betting for their clients. E-sports has exploded onto the scene in recent years but it’s still hard to find an online service willing to take their bets. BetUs is one of the few that already accepts them.

2. MyBookie

An EU based online betting platform that has quickly gained ground in the US market and comes in at number two on our list for West Virginia bettors is MyBookie. Like BetNow, MyBookie has one of the simplest and best online betting interfaces in the industry and takes all the work out of placing your daily wagers against the spread.

Also another service with a great sign up bonus for new customers, their current special is a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 + $10 casino chip for new customers, instantly starting you off with more betting bankroll to work with. Take a look at their vast international sports betting markets they give access to, as well as their betting options and interface. Or even stop by the casino and online horse racing lounge while you’re there.

3. Bovada

Originating in Central America, and Panama City, more specifically, is the 3rd service on our list… Bovada. One of the most well known in the whole online gambling industry, Bovada has become a household name over the years. They have all the betting options players would expect from a top service and they also have a variety of other live dealer and casino card games, too.

Exceptional customer service is another great perk of using Bovada. Central America isn’t the US but it’s as close as offshore books get and it helps in their great customer support for clients. They give a variety of ways to get in touch with them from online email and ticket support to phone and even online live chat options for customers. A big reason that it lands on number 3 on our list for West Virginia sports bettors.

4. BetNow

One of the best online betting platforms in Europe, BetNow is quickly becoming one of the top US options for American clients, too. Their offices are still in the EU, but because of their budding popularity here in the United States they may need to start considering expansion options. Similar to a few other services on our list like Betway, BetNow has an exceptional and easy to use betting interface for players to place their daily sports wagers. And BetNow also has all of the major sports betting leagues from around the globe for its clients to wager on.

Fast and hassle free cash-outs combined with excellent customer service are just a few of the reasons that set BetNow apart from the rest of online books. While still many sportsbooks make it increasingly hard and tiresome for clients to cash out their hard earned winnings, BetNow makes it easy for you to get your winnings within only 7 business days.

5. BetOnline

So far the best sportsbook to ever come out of Central America, Betonline was started in Panama City back in 2004, and over the last 15+ years they’ve established themselves as one of the most highly respected online betting platforms in the industry.

Like BetUs and Betway, BetOnline.ag is another offshore sportsbook that allows its customers to bet on e-sports leagues, as well as the other major sporting betting markets from the around the world. E-Sports has already exploded into arguably the most heavily wagered on sport in the world, and BetOnline is one of the few places you can currently wager on it.

How Do We Rank Our Sportsbooks?

West Virginia residence have no shortage of betting options when shopping around for a new place to make their daily bets against the spread. While still most US states have laws banning in-person retail sports betting, West Virginia residence are fortunate to have other options rather than just online. Below are some of the criteria that we used when determining our top 5 list of online sportsbook options for West Virginia sports bettors.

1. Fast and Easy Payouts

It shouldn’t be hard to retrieve your earnings out of your online account account, but actually for many, it’s pretty hard and includes excessive waiting times. Many online books make it difficult on purpose in hopes that you’ll continue to bet more and lose. However, that’s not the case for any of our top five online sportsbook options for West Virginia residence. All of our selected sportsbooks are among the most respected and have hassle free withdraw policies.

2. Number of Betting Options

Betting options are essential to the success of an online sports bettor. One of the biggest reasons and advantages you should wager online over a book is that you get access to every global betting market on Earth, which gives you more options to cash in and spread out your action. All of our top choices for West Virginia bettors will give you access to dozens of professional sports betting markets from every corner of the globe.

3. Customer Service

The art of customer service, especially with online services, is a dying one. However, our team has not lost an appreciation for customer support and that’s why we’ve graded each site with a high emphasis on their customer satisfaction and overall support. All of our top choices have various means of contact such as phone, email, live chat, and ticket support for customers, and are always quick to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Ready to Wager?

Alright West Virginia sports bettors, it’s your time to cash in. You’ve read our detailed breakdown of the top 5 sportsbook choices for West Virginia bettors, now it’s time to start winning. Checkout the various current deals each online book is running to see if any strikes a chord with you, and also compare their various reload bonuses which can give you more bang for your buck on your second deposit. Once you’ve decided on a book and are ready to get rolling, come back to SportsInformationTraders.com for all of your winning picks against the spread and let us help you make sports a profitable investment.

Comparing the Top 3 West Virginia Online Sports Betting Sites

Years in Service?27510
Sign Up Bonus?100% up to $2,500100% up to $25050% up to $250
Reload Bonus?150% up to $7,50025% up to $500N/A
In-Play Betting?YesYesYes
Online Casino?YesYesYes
Phone Support?YesYesYes
Live Chat?YesYesYes

What Areas of West Virginia Wager on Sports the Most?

According to the Google Trends for sports betting searches in the state of West Virginia over the last 12 months are focused around Bluefield and Beckley. Then Charleston and Clarksburg rounding out the top 3.

Based on the Google Trends, here’s a list of the Top 5 areas in West Virginia with the most sports betting interest over the last 5 years:

  1. Wheeling
  2. Clarksburg
  3. Bluefield
  4. Charleston
  5. Parkersburg

Where to Bet on Sports in West Virginia

West Virginia residents are fortunate to live in a legal state with a number of sports betting retail locations for them to place wagers at. The only minor downside of the state’s betting is that most of the casinos are located towards the outer borders of the state, leaving a bit of a drive for those in central West Virginia, but we all can’t be so fortunate, there’s still plenty of options to choose from, here’s some of the popular West Virginia sportsbooks:

• Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort• Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races
• Mardi Gras Casino & Resort• The Greenbrier

Out of State Options

Since many West Virginians will have to drive close to the border to place wagers at their local casinos, maybe some of you may prefer just making a vacation out of it and going out of state for your sports betting. Here’s a look at what some of the surrounding states have to offer for West Virginian sports bettors.


Sports betting is fully legalized in the state of Virginia but their program with retail sportsbooks still hasn’t rolled out for operation, and they hope to start by end of 2021.


Recent pushes for legislation but still nothing passed and no legal in-person sports wagering.


No legal retail sports betting locations.


Another state that’s legalized sports betting but hasn’t started their program yet so there’s no current available locations to wager at.


The closest out of state sports betting option for most West Virginians will be Pennsylvania. While Pennsylvania is a huge state and has casinos and sportsbooks spread throughout the state, the closest options will no doubt be the ones right outside of Pittsburgh like The Meadows Casino Racetrack & Hotel.

Washington, PA – The Meadows Casino Racetrack & Hotel

Directions from Charleston, WV:

1. Get on I-64 W/I-77 N from Dickinson St

2. Follow I-79 N to US-19 N/Murtland Ave in South Strabane Township. Take exit 19 from I-70 W/I-79 N

3. Continue on US-19 N to your destination in North Strabane Township

Professional Sports Teams in West Virginia

West Virginia currently has no professional sports teams in the state.

Popular West Virginia College Teams

• West Virginia Mountaineers• Marshall Thundering Herd

Top West Virginia College Team’s Average Attendance

• West Virginia Mountaineers – FootballMilan Puskar Stadium55,907

West Virginia – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, West Virginia residents are lucky to have their choice of any few local casinos that are spread throughout the state.
Without a professional sports team in the state, the most popular sports team are the West Virginia Mountaineers in college football. With their men's college basketball as a close second.
Yes! You can wager in person, online, anywhere you choose! West Virginians have their pick of where they wish to place their betting action.