"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Steam Plays – Steam Move Betting Plays

Steam Plays - Steam Move Betting PlaysA steam move is a sudden, drastic line movement across all sportsbooks for a particular game. This is usually the result of a coordinated move by a large betting syndicate spread out across multiple sportsbooks, or by a whale player who has spread out his bet amongst runners to distribute his bets through various bookmakers.

While steam moves are relatively rare, they always give good insight to what the experts are thinking. One of those experts is our own lead handicapper and founder, Jon Price. Jon is one of these bettors that is capable of moving an entire line throughout all the sportsbooks just with one single wager. He’s placed in excess of a million dollars down on large wagers multiple times throughout his career, including the last three Super Bowls. It takes vast resources to pull off a steam move, but when performed, it causes everyone else to stop and take notice, and perhaps reconsider their pick.

Though expert handicappers and pickers aren’t the only people that can pull a steam move. Rich people are not always the best of gamblers. There’s been instances where big time bettors like Floyd Mayweather or another high stakes bettor may push an extraordinary wager on a play, causing it to move. And even though it’s not an expert picker making the steam move, many people will still interpret that as the smart money going a certain way on a pick. That’s where our experts at Sports Information Traders can be an asset to you. We don’t rely on steam moves to know when a big play is ready to break. We see through the line manipulations and stay true to our gameday reports which ensure that our clients are among the most informed in the world.


Knowing where the money is going and who is moving the line is the single most important variable and should be the only thing you need to pick a safe, and informed wager. You have to be careful when reading line movements that you don’t mistake public money with the sharp money moving the line. Public money does usually tend to make bigger jumps in line movement, however it’s not uncommon for sharps to move large on a game and move the lines in a way that would resemble a public line movement. It’s these kinds of predicaments that our team specializes in and has the inside information necessary to know if its smart money or dumb money moving the line. Don’t take our word for it, sign up today for a free promotional play and see why Sports Information Traders is a quality, reputable service that can get you in the win column today!