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One of our most successful and entertaining programs over the years is our Annual Super Bowl Prop Bet Program. Our team spares no expense in bringing you only the absolute best prop bet action for this year’s Super Bowl at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.
Unlike a typical side or total bet, prop bets are based on much more specific information pertaining to a particular player or team, respectively. While there’s a lot more data and analysis to prop bets than sides and total picks, with the right resources, prop bets can be by far the best value on the board.
For a game that dominates the world stage and is bet on more than any other sporting event in the world, Vegas has all of its resources handicapping the game to come up with the perfect line and total. This lowers the value of those bets that attract the most action, but while Vegas has most of its resources focused on the line and total, our team will be ready to clean up with best and highest valued prop bets as decided by our team. Join our Super Prop Bet Program now and receive our Early Bird 50% Discount.
Based on last year’s performance where we went 8-2 in our Super Bowl Prop Bet Special, bettors who placed an average wager of $1,000 per play more than TRIPLED their initial investment! Find me a stock with that kind of return and I’d shift all of my investments out sports and back into Wall Street.

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Get in on our Super Prop Bet Program now and receive the Early Bird 50% Off Discounted Price!

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

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