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Using NCAA Tournament locations to wager effectively

With so many factors to be considered when wagering on the annual Men’s NCAA basketball tournament, it’s hard to put emphasis on just one. However, there are some factors that matter more than others, and one not to be overlooked or forgotten, should be game location.

Here are a few ways in which college basketball handicappers can figure how game location factors into the outcome of many, especially important, tournament games.

First, handicappers should look at the geographic location of a game, deciding if one team may be able to attract more fans, thus giving them a superficial home court advantage. Are they close to their home arena?

The intimidation factor of a large crowd can have huge effect on opponents, as well as on referees and their decision making process. So, if one team is playing a lot closer to home than the other team is, this could be significant for handicappers.

Along with this, should be teams that have played somewhere before and are returning. A team that is familiar with an arenas atmosphere, is likely to have a small advantage over a team visiting for the first time.

Next, what type of arena are the teams playing in for March Madness?

Some arenas are modern and massive, while others are dumpy and old. Bigger arenas could be intimidating for some schools, especially small schools that don’t see big crowds. Or on the hand, a huge letdown for teams playing in a smaller venue, who is used to playing on larger stages.

Either way this can be just another distraction, another factor college basketball handicappers need to consider when wagering on the NCAA tournament.

And while coaches try their hardest to keep their teams focused, they are still made up of college students, and it’s not always easy.

Distractions can come in many forms, one of them being hype, which can be associated with arena location. Therefore, a team loaded with experienced players might be a better bet for college basketball handicappers wagering on the NCAA Tournament.

Finally, handicappers need to look closely at team’s fan base, as devoted fans of a particular team may turn up in full force if the team as never made it into a tournament before, or if they are expected to make a deep run.

Records then, are a crucial factor to examine when thinking about the impact of location in the March Madness tournament.

And the larger the crowd is, the more significant the impact of the crowd is.

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