"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Wager Castle

wager castleWager Castle is a relatively new sports book to the online gaming industry but has many features outside of its sports book to keep its clients entertained. As a somewhat new sports book to the scene, we haven’t had the chance to personally try it out, but so far third party reviews are so-so.

They do have some complaints on websites like scam adviser, though that’s not always a sign of a dysfunctional service as much as a select few disgruntled clients, so we’re willing to give them a pass on that account. As far as their features, Wager Castle features a fully functional sports book where players can place their bets, as well as a fully capable poker room, casino, and racebook. So no matter what kind of player you are or what you’re looking for, chances are Wager Castle has the ability to accommodate you.

While it’s not quite as established as some of the big names like Bovada.LV, Wager Castle does have some great features for a new online sportsbook. They tout themselves as a very secure and safe way to invest online, though some review sites would tend to disagree with that statement. While we still urge clients to use the more established sites like a Bovada.LV, Wager Castle may be worth a look to with their features they offer. They get a pass from us, for now, ending further information about their sportsbook and online better service.

While it may not be as great as the top online sportsbooks, Wager Castle is still a reputable online sportsbook. Wager Castle has been right there as one of the consitently reputable sports betting bookmaker in the world in the last twenty years that Jon Price has climbed the ranks of the sports betting world. He would never recommend anything short of the best for his clients, and Wager Castle is certainly up there with the quality services. From solid customer service to great payout deals and incentives to deposit money into your account, Wager Castle is an all around great sportsbook that hasn’t lost touch with the interest of its clients over the years as they’ve grown exponentially into one of the most successful sportsbooks in the world. Now is your time to act. If you want to join Jon Price and get his daily sports betting winners each and every night of the sports year, then you need a sportsbook first. Sign up now at Wager Castle then come back and sign up for our free trial and let us get you off to a winning start.

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