What is the best site for asking for sports betting advice?

Where do you go to find in depth game previews, advice for sports betting, and tips from the sharpest professional sports bettors in the world? The answer is Sports Information Traders a free to use sports prediction website that provides betting tips, advice, and educates you on how to bet on sports. For example read through this Major League Baseball Picks section where the guide teaches you different wagers you can bet on, what a run line is in baseball, and how to bet futures as well as parlays in baseball.

Sports Information Traders is the best site for asking for sports betting advice

Jon Price the CEO and founder of Sports Information Traders is famous for his large bets on games and has excelled at teaching the public basic sports betting knowledge such as what +1.5 means in betting.

What is the best site for asking for sports betting advice?

Read the free guides and advice from Sports Information Traders and you will be ahead of 99% of those learning and trying to bet on sports around the world. With legalized sports betting in New York State and 29 other locations across the country it’s only a matter of time that every state has a professional handicapper to help amateur sports bettors pick games to wager on each week.

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