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Monthly Archives: July 2015

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Rich Allen’s Sports Betting Professor Review from Sports Information Traders provides the most in depth stories, news, picks, odds, and more every day for our readers. For the most up to date articles and Rich Allen’s Sports Betting Professor Review for your digestion read any of our numerous articles below from our top sports writers and journalists. If you’d like to start making money betting on sports then sign up today and work directly with the Sports Betting Legend Jon Price himself. Visit our homepage SportsInformationTraders.com to see what the latest packages available are and start a trial today to start profiting from our sports betting advice.

Rich Allen’s Sports Betting Professor Review Rich Allen is another one of these handicappers that has decent marketing and knows how to push their brand, but knows next to nothing when it comes to actually picking winning picks. And just because you put the word “Professor” at the end of your name by no means […]

Super Bowl 50 – Super Bowl 2016 Each and every year by far the biggest sports betting event in the world is the NFL Super Bowl. This year will be no different as the NFL will celebrate its 50th Super Bowl. As always our team will be right there to bring you all the winning […]

In Game Betting Tips Our analysts and agents are always standing by for our customers to keep you up to date on all the information coming from our resources on a weekly and daily basis. Our mission is always to ensure that our clients are among the most prepared and informed sports bettors in the […]

Football Handicapper Each and every year the NFL continues to be by far the most popular sport for Americans to bet on. And for good reason, it’s a great game. However, statistically it’s also considered to be one of the hardest sports to pick for amateurs sports bettors. More than any other major American sport, […]

Sports Betting Can Make You So Much Money So Fast it Feels Illegal but Is Not The reason at the end of the day is risk. Risk versus reward and statistics plays one of the largest roles in gambling. People ask is it legal to make so much money? Of course it is as long […]

Men in Blazers Show The latest sports comedy skit that’s popular among sports fans and sports betting fans is the NBC show, Men in Blazers. The show mainly focuses on the English Premier League and the International Soccer landscape. They do a good job of mixing in some comedy with enough real-life sports recaps that […]

50/50 Raffle at Sport Events A new trend developing at sporting events across the country are the new fan promotions. Things like half court shots and free-throw contests, or even 50/50 Raffles at sport events are now becoming more and more common place. They offer various prizes ranging from new cars to shirts to free […]

Todd’s Take – Todd Fuhrman Handicapper Todd’s take is one of the more popular handicappers online, especially during the NFL season. Much of his popularity is unfounded as he’s not a documented handicapper and has not done anything to merit such unfounded attention. Handicapping sports requires a substantial amount of time and resources; If you […]

Dunkel Index The Dunkel Index was originally created in 1929, to settle a dispute between two men over which college football team was better. At the time, sports teams did not play other teams from far away regions, so they had to devise a formula to compare these teams who would otherwise never meet in […]

NCAA Football Friday Predictions Get all of the action from around all of college football at your one stop shop for all of your sports handicapping, investing, and winning needs. Get every one of our NCAA Football Friday Predictions each and every week, as well as other insider analysis. This includes all of our top […]

Sports Investing Systems Sports Investing is one of the highest reward vs risk investments that one could make in today’s world. With the right information and understanding of the process, it’s not unheard of for a bettor to turn into a rich, successful bettor seemingly overnight. Though while our team of industry sharps may make […]

Sports Investing Scams In today’s era of sports betting services, there’s plenty of bad apples that have ruined the name of the business with the fraudulent sports betting systems and the art of sports handicapping, in general. In any industry, there’s plenty of scammers and wanna-be’s, but it seems like sports betting services have more […]

Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. Sports Betting Strategy Sports Betting isn’t as simple as just picking winners, there’s a lot of various nuances that bettors need to keep […]

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