"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Get the Best Vegas Sports Syndicate Picks

Gaining that extra edge can be extremely difficult when it comes to sports betting. Sometimes its not all about the technology and research but more about who you know. The insiders like the ones connected here at Sports Information Traders work with some of the best known and underground Vegas Syndicates. These sports bettors range from hedge funds on Wall Street who help fund betting syndicates for an internal rate of return greater than what the major indexes and stock market are returning.

Jon Price the most well known sports bettor in the world who has been chronicles in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, FanSpeak, Bleacher Report, Ante Up Magazine, Card Player magazine, and many more is wise to the who’s who in the sports betting world. Going on national radio and delivering a small taste of his winners for the general public and enjoying  a life of great prosperity thanks to his natural ability to crack the code and make innate predictions successfully for over three decades.

How To Purchase Syndicate Plays for Sports Betting?

Jon Price and the SIT Picks team has developed a system that is almost inexpiable in any text format. He works with some of the top insiders from around the world from NESN the New England Sports Syndicate for games and plays that are only based around sports teams in and around the greater New England region to sports betting syndicates that are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. These teams of experts deliver information and plays based on insider information which is 100% legal in the sports betting world.

Price however does not solely rely on others information to generate plays he also has a team of resources and software that has been developed and refined through the years to find Delta (Delta in sports betting) is the biggest differentiator between Price and the amateur sports bettors trying to build their bankroll and to become profitable.

With software, a natural knack of knowing how to pick winners, a strong network of players, investors, researchers, analysts, and discipline Price and the sports information traders team has become the most successful sports betting syndicate to ever come out of the West Coast and has thus made a serious name for himself over the last 10 years as he has come out of reclusiveness and become a common name when discussing sports betting and winning.

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