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October 21, 2021–Now that sports are in full swing we’re learning a lot about betting when fans are not there in the stands. We provide the highest quality betting insight for you to profit off of.

List of Betting Guidelines

  • Follow the Guidelines of Strategy from SIT
  • Trust Our Sports Analysts’ Strategy
  • Set Achievable Goals in Sports Betting
  • Educate Yourself With The Basics of Sports Betting Rules
  • Have Bankroll Management From Day 1
  • Bet With Your Heart Not Your Head in Sports
  • Find The Best Games and Odds in the Casino or Online
  • Learn to Avoid Chalk Betting Strategies
  • Know There is no Perfect Sports Betting Strategy or System for Picks
  • Always Compare Picks’ Odds & Lines
  • Have a Ledger Keep of Your Records
  • Learn the Betting Terminology
  • Ignore Personal Bias in Your Sports Betting Picks
  • Cockiness will be Detrimental to a Winning Strategy
  • You Can Lose Faster Than you Can Win
  • Take the Good with the Bad in Betting
  • The More you Research the Better Your Strategy and Results
  • Don’t Bet under the influence
  • Take Chances With Low Risk Exposure
  • Join a Sports Betting Group To Discuss Ideas and Strategy
  • Take Regular Breaks
  • Find a sport you like to wager on
    Free Expert Sports Gambling Tips, Picks, and Info Today

After a long and hard fought battle the State of New Jersey and Chris Christie have put up the good fight and gotten wagering Legalized in America. So between Canada and the USA and all of Europe you can go and place bets at your leisure and use our tips to profit along the way. SIT Picks is working on a comprehensive guide for all of the places that you can place wagers at in the country and where you can legally find a wagering site to place a wager.

. The USA will initially have all New Jersey Casinos and Racetracks with sportsbooks and this will soon be followed by all of the sportsbooks, greyhound tracks, and horse racing tracks in the country.

Just as you can go up to the counter and place a bet on a horse race you will soon be able to do the same for a sporting matchup and the team here at SIT will be able to help you profit from this thanks to our assistance. Read the guidelines provided below to help you gain that extra edge you will need to beat out the Vig. and profit with our betting tips.

After the best betting run ever, going 74% with his NFL winners and College Basketball plays to close out the most recent wagering season we want to give back and help you out. Make up to 50 times your investment with our help as Jon Price has been featured in BroBible, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, and many more media publications for his handicapping prowess. Let this year be the year that you achieve great betting success with our help and assistance. Below we offer an array of sports betting picks principals. If you have any questions an analyst is here to help 7 days a week here at SIT. Our analysts provide a free consultation for our betting tips service. All you have to do is inquire and go through our questionnaire.

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Free High Quality Betting Picks From Professional Gamblers

Gaining that extra edge in your selections whether it’s a half a point or that extra 1% of wins can make a world of difference for bettors. The analysts here at SIT are the number 1 trusted handicapping service in the world thanks to their CEO Jon Price who has been named the worlds most successful bettor.

Mr. Price is a mathematician and quant. The most successful traders in the world think just like Jon does. He treats betting for SIT clients as a Hedge Fund manager treats managing money for clients. A service that provides reputable betting strategies on all of the major leagues from around the world. Following an experienced bettor who guides you on how much to wager on each of your selections, how to manage your bankroll, discipline rules to follow, expertise, trust, and authority plays to follow to ensure a profitable result. Low risk high reward is the philosophy combined with the most distinct discipline rules combined with his winning selections is the recipe for success.

Have you seen handicappers on television or heard them on the radio giving out betting selections recently? Well our team of professionals who have decades of industry experience wanted to provide you with free betting strategies to help you get started wagering on your own.

There are a select few that are able to beat out the bookmakers and turn a profit in betting. We continuously fine tune our betting formula to help you gain that extra edge and become a profitable bettor. You must invest in learning the proper skills and discipline to make money or just use our insight to get ahead in no time. Learning to think of our approach as an investment and not as a gamble. Our analysts have the experience and know how that they hold doctorate degrees in wagering – The Highest Honor among bettors.

Free Tips on How To Read Major League Baseball Lines

Below is a Major League Baseball line example. In this match up the rotation number is listed as 951 for the Chicago Cubs and Rotation Number 952 for the Cincinnati Reds. When you place the wager if you say Rotation Number 951 for $2,500 that would mean you are wagering on the Chicago Cubs to beat the Cincinnati Reds by 2 runs or more. The Names below the teams are the Teams starting pitchers and whether they are a Right Handed pitcher (R) or a Left Handed Pitcher (L). The open is the total also known as the over/under metric of how many total runs the game will finish with. In this case the game opened up at 8.5 runs predicted by the oddsmakers and is currently at 9 total runs. The runline is the spread bet but for baseball and that corresponds to the amount of Money you wager to win $100. So if you wager $135 you will win $100.

how to read Baseball betting lines, mybookie, bets

Sports Betting Tips – Treat It Like a Business & You Will Profit

The advice and lessons we will teach you showcase the proper wagering amounts based on your bankroll size with the proper psychology needed to get ahead. Let’s face it. You have fun when betting but where else can you watch a game for 3 hours and also make a 100% return on your money? Whether your watching Football or Basketball rooting on your favorite team or your doing it to add excitement to your life and spice up your office pools and fantasy football league. So without further adieu we provide you the top wagering tips that we have learned through the years of refining our profitable system.

The Best Picks, Betting, & Gambling Insight

Sports Picks Since we are professional bettors we are always helping amatuers who want to increase the probability of making money wagering. With a proven track record doing so, we are glad to do just that. On our site you will find Sports Betting Picks Against the Spread Bets and slips from Las Vegas Sportsbooks, free betting picks & odds for beginners, detailed advanced betting strategies, and other helpful information from our analysts to help you grow your bankroll and increase your monthly betting profits. tips will give you the edge to beat the bookmakers and turn a profit something few gamblers are able to do consistently.

Sports Betting Picks Against the Spread

Our most popular part of our websites is our handicapping radio segments. On the radio legend Jon Price provides listeners with free selections against the spread. Last week he went 3-0 on the radio, 2-0 in his Forbes column, and 4-0-1 in the Westgate Supercontest betting contest. This is updated daily with free winners during the NFL and College Football season and weekly during Baseball and Basketball season. Our expert bettors give out their selections for that night’s action.

Jon Price who has developed a refined algorithm through the years, reviews the plays to ensure their high quality. Not every analyst is a specialist in each sport. Some are better at handicapping one sport than another. The idea is to have an analyst who can specialize in up to 3 different leagues and have a consistently high winning percentage to ensure our clients success.

Slower betting months such as June, July, and August we tend to take breaks as wagering on sports can be extremely stressful. Some clients tell us about their heart pounding and blood sugar levels rising during big games. We want you to enjoy this but not at the cost of your health. Free games are just that free. Don’t bet the house on them. If you want to receive every pick we give out sign up for our newsletter and you will receive daily SMS and Email plays. Just make sure to bookmark the SIT website and download our iTunes application in the App store to always have quick and easy access to our plays and check back daily to read up on all of our expert betting tips and service plays.

Why Shopping Sport Betting Consensus Plays Works


Have you ever heard the saying that the general public is wrong. Well in case you haven’t noticed there are a lot more people in Vegas than there are giant casinos. That’s because people think they know better and usually they don’t so there is a strategy in fading the overall consensus plays that people pick. Last year in the Westgate Football betting contest if you were a contrarian you would’ve won over 55% of your bets.  Learning how to bet on unique strategies is all about back testing and then once the results show promise testing it out in the real world.

Here are some known strategies:

  • Martingale
  • Consensus Plays
  • Fading Consensus Plays
  • Betting using only 2% or less of your bankroll
  • Placing only value bets

Diligence and Analytical Research

Knowing how teams play on the road, how many points are scored in the paint when playing on the road, how the New York Jets play in the December when facing the San Diego Chargers at their stadium are all important things to not only know but to understand what the different statistical measures mean. You can only learn this by either devising your own polynomial regression analysis, following the stats and looking at trial and errors based on what the final outcome was compared to what the oddsmakers predicted, and looking for inefficiency in the marketplace similar to how hedge funds are able to make more money then typical mutual funds because they do more research and have strategies that they are continuously testing just like we do here at SIT.

Shopping Sports Betting Picks and Lines Gives You An Advantage

Imagine this analogy. You go to the Wynn Casino and want to buy a watch at Cartier. The watch there sells for $4,500. Then you head to Caesers Palace and see that the same watch sells for $4,300. You tell your friend that you will sell them that same watch for $4,400 making $100 in spread on the deal. The same approach between casinos can be done betting on sports betting picks. The Wynn sportsbook may have the line at -5.5 points but Caesers Palace’s book may be at -3.5 points giving you an advantage to shop the different lines.

Control Your Wins and Losses

Know when to hold them. Know when to fold them. Do not wager more than you can afford to lose. Take care of your handicapper but don’t lie to your adviser. If you say you can wager 5 dimes a game ($5,000) a game then be prepared and willing to lose that money. You must not be afraid of losing as psychologically it is part of the game. You win and you lose. At the end of the year with our help you will be profitable. Never put your bankroll in jeopardy. We are here to help you build your wealth but discipline and control of your wagering is important.

Sports Betting Tips from proessional sports bettors

Some additional tips we will be updating and covering soon are as follows:

  1. Using the right sportsbook that gives favorable odds
  2. Don’t Gamble when drunk or intoxicated
  3. Use Reputable Books especially well known ones like William Hill or the Wynn in Las Vegas
  4. Don’t look for big parlays as they are gimmicky and smart bettors only use parlays as hedges
  5. Don’t bet on your favorite team. Bet with your head not your heart

Sports Betting Picks and Advice

Advanced Football Betting Strategies and Sports Picks

Our articles and Betting News section is world renowned and recognized by Apple News, Bing News, and Google news. Our writers have degrees in journalism and have written for some of the biggest news networks. We give you the latest game previews, gambling odds, basic betting tips and strategies for those who are new to betting on sports. If you want to learn more about sports betting tips and strategies then this is a section of SIT that you will certainly enjoy. This will give you that extra edge over the Las Vegas, Nevada or offshore Sportsbooks that you are looking for and that extra 1-3% edge will make the difference between being profitable or losing money when betting on sports.

Sports Betting strategies, bets, mybookie

There are all the major sports that we are used to hearing about. What is often overlooked are the tremendous opportunities in sports and proposition bets that the general public doesn’t have enough knowledge to wager on. Tennis is one of the biggest examples of a world renowned sport that takes in far too few dollars from gamblers. Golf, Nascar Racing, and Cricket are three other sports that we have made millions of dollars off of because oddsmakers were not focused on the minority sports.

To provide you with this information we have spent thousands of hours pouring over information and paying writers thousands of dollars so you can enjoy our betting tips free of charge. The end goal is our site has become the number one guide for wagering on the world wide web. In addition we also have other great informational articles for you to read such as:Sports Betting Sports Betting Picks / Sports Betting Strategy / Advice

Advanced Sports Betting Strategy Articles Written By The Sports Betting Professor:

Betting Lines for Beginners Sports Betting Picks and Advice, Sports Betting Strategy

This section of our website is completely free and is great for research. We will teach you how to read betting lines, what the total means, what the point spread is and why one book may have different sports betting odds than another for the same exact game. Different books with different odds is where a professional can gain that extra edge over an amateur using arbitrage betting strategies by using the best lines.

Being able to compare odds from different books and to gain that extra edge is one of the many advisory services that we offer to help ensure your success. As you may know, it is extremely important to take advantage of the best odds possible. You can see our NFL, NBA Picks, College Football Picks, NCAA Basketball Picks, and MLB Picks odds pages with the Moneyline, Point Spread, Rotation Number, and game information.

Who’s Going to win tonight?

Will the Oakland Raiders beat the New York Giants? Will the New England Patriots beat the Green Bay Packers tonight? There are a lot of what ifs and determinants that are looked at when trying to properly predict the outcome of a game. With years of refining our service plays and to get the best tipsters and analysts here at SIT to help you gain that extra edge and become a profitable bettor. User generated content forums like the Sportsbook Review and Reddit offer daily tips for NFL and Basketball games but from amateurs rather than professionals.

Get the best plays from those with a history of winning. Gain that betting edge with SIT the number one handicapping service in the world.

Jon Price has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Ante Up,, and many more publications for his expertise in sports betting tips. Follow Jon’s latest tips and get ahead of the pact. Sports Betting Picks Advice, Sports Betting Strategy

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